Wallpaper – It’s Making a Comeback

Maybe there was a time when we all thought that wallpaper was a thing of the past. Well we’d all have been very wrong.  With improved production techniques and an amazing selection of designs wallpaper really is making a comeback.

From murals to photographic prints and all the way back to simple geometrics there’s a wallpaper for your home to suit your style and colour.

Five of Our Favourites – Wallpaper Now

Grey Scrapwood by Piet Hein Eek

This is one from the best, Piet Hein Eek are two designers from the Netherlands famous for their work with scrapwood designs.  They take their inspiration from nature, shape and form to create unique pieces.

The Grey Scrapwood design is a photographic snapshot of washed reclaimed wood cladding.  It’s simplicity means that it can be used anywhere but would work especially well in a kitchen setting.


Brooklyn Small Metal Tins by Merci

Vintage tins have never looked so good. Another amazing photographic design capturing the aged beauty of these vintage tins. Not just any old vintage tins however these are a snapshot of those tiles displayed on the wall in Merci, a luxury boutique home and fashion store in Paris.

The clarity of these types of papers with today’s high tech production methods means that the clarity is so sharp you’d be fooled to think it’s the real deal.

Like in store at Merci these tiles were installed to capture visitors attention, this is the effect they can have in your home.  Not only that, this design is extremely versatile and could be used in any room of your choice.



Tropical Bloom

Go exotic whether it be in a bathroom, lounge, bedroom or hallway we love the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. With it’s birds of paradise flowers giving an accent colour for you to run with throughout your decor this really is a fabulous wallpaper.

Best of all it is colour-fast and washable so even if you have kids you can treat yourself to a little luxury.


Industrial Metal Cabinets

Now this wallpaper was made to create a focal talking point.  Created from an amazing photographic snapshot of Industrial Metal Cabinets this forms the perfect backdrop for any vintage industrial style room.  A point of interest for an office, or push your thoughts on design and install it in a bathroom or hallway.


Black Brick by Piet Hein Eek

Another great design from Piet Hein Eek. A simple but very effective way of updating a room. Perfect to create another room of a garage or to bring a vintage industrial stye with coppers and pops of colour to a lounge or even kitchen.



Whether you’re updating your tired decor, fancy a change or are completely overhauling your home, it may be 2017 but wallpaper is bang on trend and most definitely the quickest way of adding style and difference to your rooms.

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