Festive Food and Drink this Christmas

Ok so Winter may not be the brightest time of year but the Christmas holiday has to be up there.  Without it Winter would be even more dull but with the hope of snowfall and a chill in the air you know the festive season is coming.

It’s safe to say one of the main reasons we look forward to it is not just catching up with friends an family but the inevitable non stop flow of festive food and drink. No matter if you do the same thing every year or if you’re hosting your very first Christmas we’ve put together some tips and great products to help you through.

You Can Never Have Too Much

Obviously the first thing is to make a list. Really where would we be without a list at this time of year when there are so many things to remember? Make sure you have everything you need from the food for the main event on Christmas day to the alcohol and soft drinks to go with it.  Stock up wherever you can on essentials and always have something in your back pocket should friends descend on you unexpectedly. Buying spirits at discount prices or getting a good deal on festive treats will save you later down the line.


Hold a Dress Rehearsal

Even seasoned professionals could do with a bit of extra practice now and again. It doesn’t hurt to perfect things through the year or have a full run through ahead of time.  It may sound crazy but it will be well worth it in the long run; giving you the chance to iron out any kinks and time your dinner to perfection. The best part, you get to eat Christmas dinner twice a year!


Try Something New this Christmas

It’s nice to have family traditions when it comes to Christmas but it’s also easy to keep doing the same thing year in year out. Shake things up a bit, try something new, even if it’s just frying you brussels off with some pancetta.  There’s loads of great ideas in magazines and online with Pinterest a must visit for new ideas.


Be Prepared

Christmas often equals indulgence especially when the alcohol is flowing and you have friends and family around. Break the cycle a little by preparing some healthy alternatives. Make them beforehand and freeze them so you’re armed and ready should there be a knock at the door of an unexpected visitor or two.





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