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What is Hygge?

Ok so it’s one thing knowing how to pronounce hygge but what is it? And how do you do it?

Hygge pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah was originally a Norwegian word meaning wellbeing. The Danes describe it as a feeling or a mood when you take the ordinary everyday things around you and make them more meaningful giving them purpose and making them special. It can be a moment, an object or an ambience.

Hygge relates to a moment when a ritual occurs and when the moment is enjoyed fully and time is taken to inhale it. Mindfulness may well be an easier way of explaining what Hygge is by encouraging you to live in the moment, take it in while being aware of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.

How To Embrace It

With our lives becoming ever more technology based we remove ourselves more often than not from the moment, missing the true meaning of time taken over something we used to enjoy more intimately.

The Danes have made Hygge and being more mindful a priority and regularly take time to enjoy even the simplest of wonderful moments; no wonder they’re cited as the happiest nation in the world.

These simple things could be sitting on a beach, taking time to read or enjoying a nice meal it’s that simple.

The feeling when you slip into a hot bath in the nip of winter, take time to enjoy your morning coffee, inhaling the smell and taking in the warmth and taste of it are all examples of hygge.

Most of all remember…enjoy every moment don’t trudge through it.

How To Bring Hygge Into Your Home

So now we know how to say it and how to embrace it in out daily lives but how can we bring Hygge into our home to compliment our new mood and way of being?

In English we frequently describe this way of being as cosiness or togetherness because as we’ve established there is no literal translation to the word. As it is more related to a feeling or a mood simple words struggle to do it justice or really explain the power of this sense of being.

When relating Hygge to your home environment it can be described as Hyggeligt (Hygge-like) showing the true reaches of this notion.  Therefore our interiors can be higgleligt.

How to Get A Hyggeligt Feeling In Your Home

Light Some Candles

A key feature of Hygge when it comes to setting the mood has to be candles and with the Scandinavian countries rumoured to be the largest consumers of candles in the world it’s no wonder that lighting candles is one of our first tips. Whether scented or unscented candlelight creates a sense of warmth, an escape from the chill on a cold Winters night. So central to the whole ethos of Hygge companies have even started developing the scents we love that give us a sense of relaxation and ‘me time’ such as fresh brewed tea and baked cheesecake for the ultimate experience.


Add Texture

Add another dimension to your interiors to create a cosy warm feeling, choose chunky knits, furs and thick pile rugs. Perfect for layering and when combined with candlelight and a roaring fire there is nothing more hygge.

 Stock Up On Hyggeligt Products

You don’t need to carry out a complete interior restyle to make your home more hygge  Tiny additions can transform a room and in turn a moment to enjoy. Treat yourself to your favourite scent of candle, or a cup of your favourite coffee, create a gallery wall that captures moments in time to cherish or take a long hot soak with your favourite bubble bath.

Embrace Loungewear

If you haven’t yet embraced the whole loungewear trend now’s the time to give it a go. You don’t have to spend a fortune or go for something plain.  Choose items that express your personality and buy what is comfortable for you and those things that make you want to curl up on the sofa for a cosy night in.

So long as you feel relaxed and comfortable you’ve cracked it

Share Hygge Wwith Friends

You don’t have to keep your hygge experiences all to yourself, in fact hygge is often best shared with friends. The Scandinavians thrive on these moments due to the long dark winter nights spending time by the fireside drinking glogg (mulled wine) and eating wholesome food; so invite your friends round and get cooking.

These moments can also be enjoyed outdoors as well as in, head out for winter walks on crisp cold days with your favourite people or enjoy a different kind of hygge moment and get all your friends over for a cooking lesson or a spot of wine tasting and indulge in a hygge moment together.

Do Something New Or Redo Something You’ve Done Before

Refocus your mind with a new hobby or reintroduce a past activity that helps you to switch off and take some time out. Hobbies such as crocheting, knitting and sewing have gained major popularity in recent years offering the perfect opportunity to relax and calm yourself. Reading a book can be just as good as anything when it come to creating a hygge moment.


Slow Down

Probably the hardest tip of all but in order to truly hygge we have to slow down our lives. We spend so much of our time thinking about the next thing before we’ve even finished the thing we’re doing. Take each moment as it comes before rising to the next, enjoy a cup of coffee, take an extra 10 minutes in the bath, let the daily stresses of life melt away and always leave time to enjoy a slice of cake.

Don’t Go Over The Top

Keep it simple. Hygge is about simple pleasures and a little indulgence but never extravagance. It’s not about wowing or impressing others it’s about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere so that your friends and family never want to leave.

As with gatherings and having people round, there’s no need for a huge tasting menu with all the trimmings it’s about sharing and catching up over a nice meal that everyone can tuck into and enjoy without the pomp and ceremony.  Take it back to basics for a more natural, laid-back feel.


Enjoy the Space Around You

Getting your environment just right is key, especially when it comes to your home, this will enable you to truly reap the benefits of hygge.

Make each room a sanctuary where you can switch off and surround yourself with all your favourite things ready for when the opportunity arises to escape the everyday rat race. Take time to revel in the little things, the moments that make you smile and uplift the soul.

It’s Not Just For Winter

While cosiness is one of the main hygge attributes don’t be fooled that it is just a Winter thing. Hygge can be adopted for anytime throughout the year, make it a way of life.  Get your friends together in the Summer for a BBQ, dine al fresco, head to the park and throw a frisbee or take your dog for a long walk in the countryside.  Then when Winter comes enjoy the downtime and your interior surroundings and the cosy home you’ve made to be indulged in.

Create your Hygge moment with The Orchard.  You’ll find a collection of crumple leather sofas and chairs, table lamps and lanterns, enamel mugs and cookware and textured, curious interior artefacts to complete the hyggeligt feel in your home.  Start now at http://www.theorchardhomeandgifts.com/hygge~117-c.html

For more hygge inspiration see our Pinterest board here.

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