How to Style a Bookcase in 3 Easy Steps


Where to start your bookcase styling?

Built in shelving can be a blessing in disguise whether you’re an object hoarder, struggle to throw books away or have small pieces of artwork you have no wall to put them on but refuse to get rid. A bookcase can also be a great addition to your home if you struggle with any of the above.

Styling them is a whole other thing however. Doing it right can be simple but doing it wrong can be just as easy. The last thing you want is  your shelving to appear more of a junk stop than a styled out piece of furniture that fits with the style of your home.

Before you begin keep in mind these basic rules for choosing the items you use in styling your shelves:

1.) Have a clear consistent color palette and 2) De-clutter before you start; getting rid of or taking to charity anything you don’t need or like.

To put this into perspective if any of the pieces you intend using are not a.) Functional, b.) Sentimental or c.) Beautiful enough to look at every day then discard of them.

Once you have decluttered you can then begin organising your bookcase or shelves into a visual masterpiece!

Here are three very easy ways to style out your shelves or bookcase

1. Books First

Whether you have a small collection of books or a mountain of dusty old novels you refuse to part with you always begin with books.

Stack them both vertically and horizontally and distribute the colors evenly for a more collected, yet pulled together look. Alternatively if you are adding very little else choose to display your books in blocks of colours. However this really is better suited to a more formal and proper bookcase display. For a book shelf that is showing equal amounts of books and objects maybe even a collection of artefacts this is not the way to go as it will throw the look off balance and detract the interest from your artwork and objects.


2. Add Art

Depending on the height of each shelf this is not alway possible, but if you can then absolutely do display art. By doing this you can achieve a number of things:  1.) Add a little bit of you and your personality  obviously, as art if bought on personal preference and not function. 2.) Adding art helps to draw the eye to the rear of the shelf making it appear deeper and bigger creating a sense of layering. 3.) It takes up a lot of visual space that can often be hard to fill with smaller objects.



3. Mix It Up

The final piece of the jigsaw it to add all your favourite things; whether they be objects, collections, lighting, sculptures…you get the idea. Along with this be sure to mix up the textures, tones, styles and size of the things you put next to each other. As in the starting rules ensure these are all in keeping with the colour palette to avoid the jumble sale effect. All your items should appear as though they are meant to be.



So you have the knowledge don’t wait any longer to create a bookshelf you want to look at. Create a space for that collection of things stored away in a cardboard box just crying out to be given a place in your home and make these three easy steps work for you.

Should you be lucky enough to not have enough things you love to fill your shelves then look no further visit

On the other hand maybe you are yet to find a bookcase for your home that fits your style; maybe we have something to remedy that:

Here are 3 of our favourites


The Shoreditch is a fantastic open style bookcase giving a feel of space around it while fitting perfectly in a vintage industrial style room. Perfect for making an office look stylish and organised or an ideal place to store your favourite books and objects.


This French Country display cabinet style bookcase makes the perfect home for books and objects where they can be displayed in an orderly and very styled fashion. If you are someone who likes to collect pieces then this is the display piece for you.


This more Traditional style bookcase can accommodate all three of the above steps allowing ideal space for art, books and objects. It also has two very handy storage drawers at the bottom for magazines.

Each of our bookcases are part of a wider collection of furniture so you can purchase matching items to complete the look of your room. We also offer a bespoke made to measure service so you can choose your favourite piece in the exact size for your intended room. Call us on 0116 326 0207 or email us for further details.





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