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With two of our favourite shows back on the BBC what better time to upgrade your media unit. Celebrate the start of Strictly Come Dancing and The Great British Bake Off Season with one of our fantastic media units.Making sure all those wires and media accessories are tidy and all in one place for optimum viewing of your favourite shows.

Why a Media Unit?

We all have a TV; well the majority of us, but it’s not always that easy to know where to put them. Unless you have the luxury of a large wall space to fix them to. Without a large open wall space a media unit becomes a must have piece of furniture.

Actually obtaining a TV or media unit that not only serves its purpose but suits the style of your room is often easier said than done.  That’s why we have a wide range of different style TV and media units to suit every individual taste.


Our ‘Plank’ collection is built from natural up-cycled and reclaimed timber.  Each piece is hand finished to enhance the character of the timber with a waxed Sandstone finish.

Able to accommodate a substantial size wide screen TV and media accessories the Plank media unit is a fabulous alternative to a modern contemporary style media unit.


The ‘Tahoe’ collection showcases a distressed paint finish with natural wood top.  A great space saver while visually keeping all those essential gadgets neat and tidy in one place with it’s two door design.

Finished with antique brass handles the Tahoe media unit is the perfect finishing touch to a shabby chic, country style lounge.

French Country

The ‘French Country’ collection is handcrafted from sustainably sourced timber. The top of this particular unit is formed from reclaimed boards.

The top is left natural with only wax to finish to protect and enhance the natural grain. The body of the unit is complete with visual brush marks and a low sheen finish. Creating a more rustic look.

A combination of drawers and adjustable shelves means that this piece offers a vast amount of storage space. There is plenty of room to house a good size TV, along with a range of media equipment.

The French Country collection also allows you to keep the style of your room without having to settle for a more contemporary media unit.


The Brocante media unit is a perfect example proving that you don’t have to opt for a contemporary unit to store your media accessories.

The ‘Brocante’ style is far more traditional but offers modern practical storage solutions.

Each piece in the Brocante range, including this one, is made from scratch before going through a very skilled paint process.  The paint process is finished by ageing and distressing the piece to give a unique worn look.  Holes exist to the rear of the cabinets for all of your cabling.


Predominantly crafted from reclaimed boat wood each piece of the ‘Mariner’ collection has it’s own individual character and colouring. This characterful wood is then framed in aged iron with rounded legs. The unique sourcing of the Mariner collection means that no two pieces are ever the same.

The Mariner collection is extremely strong having been tested during years at sea and then kiln dried for 15 days prior to assembly.

Paint flecks, wood cracks and small holes and natural imperfections are all key features of this charming rustic collection.

As a focal point in a contemporary or vintage style setting or a fitting piece in a loft style apartment this collection really is a thing of natural up-cycled beauty.


Our ‘Drift’ collection is left very natural embracing bare wood in a functional piece to suit the style of a rustic home.

A perfect space saver to keep all you media accessories neat and tidy, finished with antique brass handles and door knobs. If the natural wood look is your thing then this is the media unit for you.


Available in two styles these ‘Roadie’ media units are easily big enough for a widescreen TV.  There is also ample space for all your media accessories.

Made from salvaged wood and hand built by skilled craftsmen each piece is uniquely flawed meaning no two items are quite the same.

The wood is finished with a reliant satin lacquer to create a hard wearing surface while emphasising the natural character in the timber.

The metal frame is created from reinforced aluminium giving structural rigidity and an urban edge.

A key feature of the Roadie collection is the chunky wheels attached to each finished piece for ease of movement but more importantly as a distinctive style feature making each piece something different.

Exceptional build quality, designed to last a lifetime.



Similar to the Mariner collection the Shoreditch collection is made using reclaimed wood salvaged from old boats. however the Shoreditch collection also utilises wood from old buildings in southern India to add a unique twist.

With timbers typically aged between fifty and one hundred and fifty years old this eye-catching furniture is a must for those that like something a little more unique when it comes to interiors.

Assembled by skilled craftsmen each piece is hand finished and truly individual given the origins of the timbers used as well as being environmentally friendly.

To ensure the furniture is hardwearing a satin lacquer is used to enhance the natural character and colour of the timbers.

The Shoreditch collection is then finished with iron handles to compliment each piece. Add this to a steel outer frame and you have a unique piece of furniture built to last offering an urban style edge.

Furniture at The Orchard

Each of our media units are part of a wider collection of shabby chic, rustic and industrial vintage furniture; enabling you to choose matching pieces of any style.

To view each range in full visit our website or call us on 0116 272 0306 to discuss your furniture requirements.

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