Take A Seat – Four Classic Seating Styles For Your Home

When it comes to chairs and seating in our homes we often have our favourites. There are the ones we love to sink into after a long day at work or those that we huddle in on a long Winters night.

There are the ones that we may not always sit in but that complete our favourite room. And those that create a focal point or point of interest in a room where we like to entertain.

Although comfort is a huge part of picking the right chair for your home ultimately it will be the style that wins you over. At The Orchard we’re all about style and finding the right piece of furniture to suit your individuality and ultimately your home.  We even offer made to measure pieces to compliment the chairs of your choice.

Country Style

The perfect addition to a country style kitchen or hallway to give a contemporary farmhouse look.

This type of seating works especially well with a reclaimed solid wood table or a traditional farmhouse dining table. They can also work well in hallways or even in the corner of a bedroom.

Country Style Chairs 2-2


Vintage Industrial

Where you might put this type of chair is very dependent on its individual style and design. With metal frames and wood or leather cushioning being the key features.  This type of seating is often found predominantly within dining areas or as feature pieces in living rooms.

Here at The Orchard the style of our vintage industrial chairs vary greatly.  Some are finished with worn style leather making them the perfect place to take a seat and grab five minutes from the daily grind.

Our others are true to form and make perfect seating for a reclaimed style wood table or breakfast bar.

Our reclaimed wood benches are also a great way to fit more seating into smaller style kitchens, or as a feature piece in a hallway.



Industrial Style Bench-2

Italian Vintage Leather

Italian leather with its soft finish made into sofas and armchairs makes it impossible to walk by without taking a seat. Especially the soft cushioned worn leather that is so on trend right now.

There are also a wide range of leather finished seats that can create a real talking point. There are those that look like something from days of old libraries in stately homes.  Old style office chairs can also bring something a little unique to today’s interiors, as well as modern takes on exquisite original pieces for a real point of interest.


Vintage Leather-3

Vintage Leather 2-2



The only way to sit at an elegant dining table or in a sun room designed for entertaining would be on chairs like these. They can also work well in a glam style bedroom or landing and compliment a chandelier and a large bunch of pure white blooms to perfection.

Elegance Seating-2



Gold Gilt Chairs-2

From these four seating styles it shows that you really can have a chair to suit your individuality and interior style. Whether it be chairs to sit around your farmhouse style table in a country kitchen or vintage industrial pieces to create a focal point in a warehouse loft style apartment; you really can have it all when it comes to seating in your home.

If you love these chairs and want to see more, or to discover the accompanying pieces to the above simply visit our website www.theorchardhomeandgifts.com



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