Five Pointers For Styling A Nursery

Accessorising your nursery can be a fun project that is part of planning for your new arrival. The decisions you make in the nursery will be to suit both the needs and comfort of your new baby as well as your own, along with your individual style and tastes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Nursery Patterns and Colour

So you have already chosen the perfect cot and matching furniture but don’t forget the floor. A rug can act as either a focal point for the room, or a complement to bedding, furniture and other décor. Keep in mind function, style and material when considering a rug. Bright colours and patterns will create to a focal point, while neutrals and more contrasting patterns can enhance overall décor. To get an idea of how a rug will fit into your space, mark its dimensions on the floor with removable tape. This way you can gain a visual perspective on the rug’s size in relation to the room.


Perfect Nursery Lighting

When choosing nursery lighting pay special attention to the size, wattage and colour. Choose lighting that fits the scale of the room and will complement other decor. The wattage of your lighting will determine the effect and brightness the light brings to the room. Therefore if the light in question is to be the primary source for light in the room it may be advisable to go for something midway between 15-40 watts so that you can see without it being too bright.

If the light is more for mood lighting, for a calmer strength of light go for a low wattage bulb close to 20 watts, or LED lights are a great alternative.

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Brighten up the Walls

A great way of brightening up your nursery walls and giving your child a stimulating vista is to paint a mural. Your imagination is your only limit. Create a cheerful and colourful scene such as a jungle safari or a seascape. Magnetised paints will turn any wall into a giant magnet board. Chalk board paint can create a large scale drawing area; combine the two to give your growing child creative space.


Window Treatments

There are no limits when it comes to choosing the style of treatment you put put on your nursery windows, but bear in mind a very important factor; while you may want to have plenty of natural light in the room during our baby’s waking hours you will also want to be able to completely block out the light at other times. Shades or blinds which completely block out the light will help your baby sleep better, longer and more easily.


Cot Bedding

There are essentially four items that make up your cot: a fitted sheet, bumper, quilt, blanket and a sleeping pod. These can be an exact match to the rest of your decor or materials and patterns to compliment the overall theme. It is always useful to have several fitted sheets so you always have a clean one to hand. It is also nice to have these in a number of colours so you can change the look of the room occasionally.

Cot bumpers are an ideal way of preventing your child from sticking arms and legs through the cot slats. These are often available as sets to match your other items to make life easier if there’s a pattern or design your favour. Mesh bumpers are also available if you are concerned about the safety of the fabric ones, allowing more air to flow through the cot.

Quilts are only suitable for babies over one and must be no more than a 4 tog. Up until that age you should use appropriate blankets, alternatively sleeping pods are great as they fit your baby like a sleep suit so they are guaranteed not to end up over their head or completely removed, ensuring your baby is cosy and warm for the whole night.

The Little Acorn Collection

Here at The Orchard we have a gorgeous collection of nursery furniture from our Little Acorn range; sustainably sourced from managed plantations.

The majority of The Little Acorn range is made from solid oak with a few pieces finished with carefully selected veneers and hard wearing lacquer.

Each piece is designed to grow with your child with quality and versatility at the forefront of each design. Most pieces are also available fully assembled.

On a safety note this range of nursery furniture conforms to the requisite health and safety standards including BSEN716-1 & 2:2008+2013, and BS8509-1:2011 standards.

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