How to paint and decorate your home to suit your style

Painting Your Home

After the hot weather, the wine and the BBQ season (if we’re lucky) comes a time when we start to think about inside our homes; where we’ll be spending most of our time come the colder days and┬ádarker nights.

It’s often at this time of the year when we revamp our interiors and focus less on the exterior. We want you to think a little differently though this season and be creative with the colours you choose to paint your home. Try choosing colours that say something about you, your personality and your individuality.

How to Paint Your Home a Little Differently

Here are some great ways to paint your home a little differently:

Express Yourself

The kitchen is often the hub of the house, a place where you can really express yourself with paint, decor and maybe even your culinary talents! Yellows are great in a kitchen to give off a bright and positive mood. Mix these with steely blues for a relaxed sociable feel. Crisp whites are also good mixed with steely greys adding black to define and enhance. If you’re lucky enough to have an alcove for your cooker use a third colour to create a focal point with some down lighting.

Kitchen Mood Boards-2


Chesterfield InnGraduate

Ombre is not just a way to colour your hair, it also works great with interiors, especially in small places. Ombre wall add warmth and light all in the same space. Graduated paint effects work particularly well in cloak rooms using water colour type shades.

Ombre Walls-2

Dare to Bare in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to go all out and express your true self. A quiet haven for a little ‘me time’, make this room one you love to be in. Choose a wallpaper to inspire your choice of paint colours for the remaining walls and woodwork. To complete the look and add that final bit of flair go all out and paint your bath in a contrasting colour if your dare. Alternatively for a more comfortable finish contrast with your choice of paint and paper.

Bathroom Wallpaper

Painted Baths

Create Impact with Unexpected Combinations

Perfect for a living room, mix it up a little and put together two colours you would never have dreamed of for something different but equally warm and sophisticated.

Colour Combinations Living Room

Go Two Tone

A simpler process than ombre with the same warm and light effects. Choose colour blocking for greater impact and go as bold as you dare. This style looks great in a hallway!

Colour block walls

Black Out

Whether it be a playful space where children can draw or something to help organise your life in the kitchen or office space a chalk board walk could be just the thing. Why limit it to walls, you could also paint furniture for added fun.




Stairway Focal Point

Create a unique focal point against a white back drop. Start with the lightest colour first working to the darkest spindle by spindle to draw the eye upwards giving the feeling of greater space. We love this blue on white.


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