Six Easy Ways To Create A Shabby Chic Kitchen

2fce113527a370de5ee5c8e4498ab61cWith the phrase “shabby chic” the first things that spring to mind are distressed, vintage, aged but styled; all would be a perfect definition for this reoccurring trend. Shabby chic is an interior design style chosen for its character. Furniture pieces and artefacts being chosen specifically for the wear and tear they have suffered from years of use. Equally however such a look and feel can be created, with the high demand for this style over the last five years or so we are seeing more and more excellent reproduction pieces becoming affordable.

Shabby chic style is a great way to restyle your home without breaking the bank and you can have lots of fun along the way looking for those feature pieces to complete the look. They often say that the hub of a home is the kitchen so this is a great place to start your restyling. We’ve put together six key things to create a shabby chic kitchen adding effortless and affordable elegance to your home:

Distressed Vintage Pieces

A shabby chic kitchen is defined by the furniture and accessories added to it alongside the simple pastel tones that complete the look. If you manage to do it right, you’ll create a design that isn’t only shabby chic, but also maintains a great vintage atmosphere that says “this is the real deal”. Salvaged and white washed wood plays a huge part with pops of pastel and hints of wear and tear are the cornerstones of shabby chic decorating.

Look for charming, antique and distressed vintage items that catch your eye with an affordable price tag.


Create a Centre Piece

Choose statement pieces to complete your kitchen such as a table, chairs and stools or if you have room (and budget) a centre island. Wall units and old window frames are also great if you are short of space. Choose neutral colour decor so that a wide range of colours can be introduced. The key requirements here are to be creative and resourceful, hunt for genuine vintage pieces or great reproductions, a fun challenge which can lead to very satisfying end results.

Add a Pop of Colour

Although we’ve already mentioned that neutral, pale colours are the way forward when it comes to shabby chic decor this is your chance to add a little colour. Coloured chairs, flowers, crockery and cupboard doors are just a few ways colour can be added, keeping it lively but simple.

A feature piece of furniture may also be the key to adding a pop of colour like an old armchair or a butcher’s style block washed in pastel colour. Mix it up a bit with vintage and industrial style for something uniquely yours.

Glass-front upper cabinets can also be a great way of adding colour and pattern by adding wallpaper to the back of shelves, equally these can be the feature piece painted in a pop colour of your choice.

Texture and paint effects can be as good as pop colours so don’t be afraid to play around with paint finishes and revel in the fact that they may well flake and chip adding even more character to your shabby chic kitchen. Get all these elements right and you can create a real vintage shabby chic romantic style that you’ll love spending time in.


Wall Decor

Wall art can help bring it all together and can also be lots of fun when it comes to shopping for that special feature piece.  These can be anything from quotes on reclaimed wood, mirror and window frames, dishes, cooking tins and vintage jelly moulds or even shelving. The possibilities on this one are endless, so get creative; there will definitely be something to suit your style and personality. Shop for modern day replicas or hold out for that special something. Whatever you choose will set it off perfectly in the right surroundings.


Wood Floors

The wood floor trend is still big and sees no signs of stopping as we head towards a new season. Shabby chic meets boho is a new style where floors are concerned, with many of us stripping back to bare wood and adding colour to our flooring. If you choose to go for this style, you could allow the rest of your interior design to remain fairly muted as your floor will work as a feature piece on its own! The floor can be an exciting and beautiful canvas for your choice of shabby chic style furniture.

Why not try something a little different by white washing wood floors or adding pattern, again creating a feature of your floor.


When it comes to appliances the 1950’s is most definitely where it’s at with enamel accessories, light pastels, off white, black and silver, as well as floral and other patterns. Items we usually list as white goods may also be those pieces where colour comes into play so keep this in mind when shopping around to create the ultimate shabby chic kitchen for your home.



Armed with all these hints and tips you should be well on your way to achieving the shabby chic kitchen you’ve been aiming for or at least have a vision of your final design. You should also now be able to see that there are a number of ways to tackle the shabby chic look and implement it, whether you favour vintage or rustic, modern or polished there’s no shortage of possibilities with this style.

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