Logs – How To Use And Store Logs Inside Your Home

Storing logs inside your home

Despite all the technology that we have available in today’s highly-connected, digital world, many of us are choosing to turn back the clock. Open-fires and log-burners are more than just a shabby chic piece of furniture; they are a practical addition to any rustic design whilst also offering high levels of practicality. The warmth of an open fire, accompanied by the crackling of logs, is something that can be more relaxing than any music.

Of course, when it comes to interior design you need to consider both usability and the interior’s aesthetics. How you choose to store your logs is a major consideration when it comes to both vintage-style interior design and ensuring that you will actually use your log-burner/open-fire. If stored cleverly, they can provide a fantastic and unique texture to your home, making it appear much more welcoming than a wholly modern alternative. Log storage isn’t just a matter of practicality, and it can be used as a central component in your design, creating an unforgettable feature piece to attract the eye immediately.

How, and where, you choose to store your logs is hugely important. Our team has looked at a number of ways that you can store logs in your home to achieve the best rustic style; here are some of our favourites!



Creating a framed storage point for your logs is an excellent idea; it allows for practical access to your logs as well as the very best in textures. One great idea is to use the spaces between the beams that make up the natural framework of a modern country home. Similarly, if you have any unused gaps in the house’s structure, then you can take advantage of them for decorative effect by adding round, neatly-sawed logs that fill up both the height and width of the entire column.

Add To An Alcove

For most homeowners, this is the ideal space for log storage. Perfectly positioned beside the fireplace for easy access during the winter months, an alcove can be used for storing a mass of split firewood ready for immediate use. If piled neatly, these logs can create a sense of uniformity, as well as adding a sense of height to the room in question. This look always looks fantastic in a rustic home, particularly if combined with wooden beams, exposed brickwork or any unusual wall spaces.


Natural Selection

Clearly an alcove is perfectly positioned place to store logs and it makes a great feature as well, but for an added natural feel you can always choose a willow basket to store any loose logs in. Not only will this open up your alcove space, which can be essential if you have a lot of furniture to fill the room up, but it makes the wood easy to use whilst also providing another traditional, textural and warm element to your chosen room.


Accentuating Industrial Space


Wood storage always complements the interior design of any industrial space or setting, particular in those areas with exposed architecture of any kind. Rows of logs, piled atop darker-coloured shelving against a backdrop of exposed brickwork are a truly unforgettable sight, and it creates a homely, shabby chic feel. If you have the space for multiple shelves, then they can be an extremely useful way to store logs and firewood, allowing a space for different grades and sizes of wood – you could truly make the most of your space by having a shelf for kindling, all the way to longer-burning large logs.

You can also add a featured industrial feel to any space, by creating a storage system like this – an industrial-styled frame which has been sectioned off to accommodate the other kinds of kindling or logs.


Alternate Storage

Of course, not all log storage options occur naturally within the home. Many modern homes have been designed with the goal of maximising the available space, leading to little in the way of fire-surround. Our advice is; if it isn’t there already, create it! You can easily add storage solutions close to your fireplace, split between either side of the fireplace, or even in a nearby hallway.

Of course, you can choose options like these to make your storage solution into an effective feature piece.


Sneaky Storage

One solution which can often be just as effective as creating a feature piece is to try and store your logs in a more subtle, out of the way manner. Not only will this often be more accommodating to your living space, but it can have just as strong an effect on your overall design. If your logs are stored subtly, either under desks, stools or in cupboard shelves, then you can present the same shabby chic image of warmth without overdoing it.

As you can see, these storage solutions work best when combined with natural colours and tones. Remember that you can make the most of any available space, with logs of any size – why not make the most of your smaller spaces by using even the tiniest of spaces to display your firewood. This could be a gap between two kitchen cupboards, or around the frame of your front door; there are endless possibilities if you use your imagination.



Just because you don’t have a fire doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use wood and logs to add texture to your interior design, or as a feature piece. These can be done in a very uniform manner using smoothed ended wood or, in some cases, the more higgledy-piggledy the stacking; the better for a more rustic interior finish.


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