On Trend – Copper

On Trend – Copper

The use of metals in the home is hardly a new concept; they’ve been a feature of our interiors since medieval times, when those of nobility would use wrought iron to create stylish, extravagant designs. In the 1920’s, chrome was the metal of choice for fixtures and fittings, accentuated by polished mirrors of all shapes and sizes. The 1960s and 70s saw metal becoming ever more popular for a huge range of home decorations, with designers creating chandeliers, lamps and sculptures to suit a diverse range of budgets, tastes and interiors designs. The 1980s saw gold and brass take on the mantle of the ‘in-trend’ to complete smart interior styles. More recently, gold taps and fittings have begun to look less and less chic until, today, chrome fittings have once again returned to the heights of popularity.

Recent years have seen the use of metal in interior design rocket again, thanks to the growing trend of industrial chic and rustic styling. In modern design, anything and everything goes with metal. Metallic items, textures and features are used in everything, from highlights in wallpaper designs, to flooring trims and lighting solutions. Thanks to its diverse range of styles and natural resilience, it is also extremely popular in furniture.

However, if you cast your mind back to the old days, to even before the 1920s, then you’ll discover that it wasn’t gold, chrome or silver that made an appearance in home designs. Instead, you might be surprised to discover that almost every piece of metal in the household would have been made of copper.

For many years, alongside cast iron kettles and pots, copper items were essential to the day to day running of the household. Even early kinds of interior decorating relied on copper products. Farm houses and country setting all relied on copper components, particularly when it came to organising a display of hanging pots and pans as a feature piece, rather for any practical use.

Rustic Copper in Today’s Interior Design

Interior design trends have seen the popularity of stainless steel and chrome making way for softer, less dominating and more complimentary metallic finishes. In particular, brass and copper have been embraced with open arms by both individuals and interior designers. They also work to complement the trend of up-cycling and recycling vintage items for use in modern-day settings, with a polished and individual high-end appearance.

Copper is a great addition to any room, whether it is something as simple as a tea caddy, clock or light. However, it can be even more spectacular on a large scale as a wall covering or flooring which can help reflect light to brighten a room or add warmth to an already well lit one.


On Trend – Copper

Many architects are taking this trend one step further by using copper to create features within building designs themselves. The technique is used to make buildings appear much more alluring than their actual exterior design might make them appear to be. A recent example would be the GMS Estates office in Bloomsbury, London, where the geometric pattern helps to add interest contrasting with the solid block colours of the background housing.

On Trend – Copper

It’s clear, no matter what decade we are in, that there will always be a metal of choice when it comes to trends in interior design and, with the seemingly never-ending progression of technology, the possibilities for integrating these materials into our homes and businesses are endless. Accessories designed to represent an idyllic, rustic aesthetic through their use of copper remain one of the easiest ways to inject the trend into your home or business, allowing you to enjoy a stylish and rustic appearance without requiring that you break the bank!

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