The Orchard’s Guide To Vintage Leather

Vintage leather is one of the most timeless and versatile interiors with endless possibilities when it comes to styling.

A vintage leather sofa can give any room a lived in feeling with styling favourites in 2015 being Industrial, Country and Contemporary, all lending themselves easily to vintage leather in a number of combinations, whether it be a sofa, comfy armchair or even a foot stool.

How To Style Vintage Leather In An Industrial Setting

Vintage Leather

A trend from the early 90’s the industrial look thrives on mis-matched vintage furniture, concrete and exposed floorboards for a real inner city loft feel or old mill apartment/penthouse. High ceilings and raw surroundings give the perfect back drop for lived in furniture and homewares with history.  Vintage leather sofas and chairs coupled with reclaimed timber coffee tables and other metal framed pieces with metal locker style cupboards are perfect for completing the look.

Here are The Orchard’s top picks to get the industrial look in your home;-

Vintage Leather


Three Rules To Achieving An Industrial Style Living Room

  1. Play with different textures

Hessian, furs and blankets work great with vintage leather and bring a warmth and sometimes colour to the coolness that can be created with the use of a lot of metal.  A well lived in looking chair will always give a feeling of homeliness and warmth. Lighting adds the finishing touch emphasising the contrasting textures in the room, candles can also be a great addition alongside filament type bulbs and lamps.


  1. Stick to a Subtle but Unifying Theme Throughout

Create a personalised space with different styles of furniture but choose those with a common feature such as studded seating with repeated studding in the table and stools. Aged textures may also be a theme to choose such as a Hessian back dropped wall combined with Hessian cushions and accessories in the way of storage.


  1. Use Colour a Little

Industrial styling isn’t exactly all about bright colours and can sometimes appear a little glum and moody so it’s important to accessorise with colour to avoid the room looking too dark and heavy. In order to keep the style of the room but add a little colour this can be done with cushions, throws and other decorations such as books and picture frames. White can also help to reflect light and create a feel of brightness.

To avoid the room feeling too masculine a rug can also be a colourful addition with complimenting cushions and throws to add pattern. Choosing a rug with curved edges will soften the sharpness of the edges of tables but be sure to choose faded colour tones as opposed to popping brights which would make the room feel all the more dramatic; unless this is the look you’re going for of course! Flowers can add the finishing touch even in a neutral colour and will help to inject a little femininity.


Here are some great examples of rooms creating the industrial look with vintage leather without the need for a drafty loft or industrial style building; showing that vintage industrial can live happily in a contemporary setting just as much as a country one.



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