Decorating Trends We Thought Would Never Last


So it seems that everything in the world of interior design although it’s said ‘has had its day’ comes round again eventually. Old trends come back into fashion giving us the urge to refresh our current decor and opt for something supposedly ‘new’ and ‘on trend’. When looking back on old interior mags and with our latest delivery from Living etc it appears there are a number of ‘trends’ that have never really left us.

Here are our top 5, with a couple that you may have thought disappeared but really they were always there.

Antique Furniture In Modern Fabrics

An interior design trend that has enabled us all at some point to take a chair shape we love and bring it bang up to date with a fabric of the current era to create a real statement piece.

Here are some of our favourites…



For more statement chair inspiration visit our Pinterest board:

Books By Colour

A decorative trend or a clever way to find your book of choice? Although this way of organising a mini library can look very pretty; despite those that believe this way of organisation makes your books impossible to find, it is actually an ingenious way for those of us who remember what a book looks like but not its full title, making this way of arranging your books an easy way to find the one you’re looking for!

rustic furniture


Making a huge interior design comeback with a new twist, wallpaper has never really gone out of fashion with many of us still determining it to be the ideal way to create a feature wall.  The only difference now is how far wallpaper has actually come with photographic papers and the modern take on murals being the wallpaper of choice for something really unique and different.

Here at The Orchard we’re revelling in this with our selection of amazing photographic style wallpapers:


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Mid-Century Modern

Very 1960s and slightly kitch, midcentury modern is not something we all love and choose to fill our homes with. That said however Scandi Chic is most likely the closest trend that is bringing back a lot of these pieces. We are increasingly willing and encouraged to upcycle and bring these old pieces into the 21st century, avoiding the feeling of living within a set from Mad Men!  Here are some of our favourite interior design takes on this popular trend:


For more Mid-Century Modern inspiration visit our Pinterest board:

Dark Walls

A very daring interior design trend to follow for most but one that isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, especially with the new copper trend which works perfectly with rustic wood furniture, leather or metal on a dark backdrop.

Here are some of our favourite looks:


For inspiration on a how to make a dark wall work in your home visit our Pinterest board:

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