Using Planters & Pots In Your Garden

Gardens can be made interesting when designed by separating into distinct areas or spaces. Such an approach can make a garden feel more like the rooms in a house where each is laid out differently.

Ceramic plant pots and containers can be a great way of doing this and provide much flexibility and versatility when you want to change things around. Here are some helpful tips to help you get your garden in shape ready for next year.

Use pots to define garden spaces

Arrange small-large sized pots into a cluster to either enclose a garden space or frame a view.

Create walkways through a space by placing pots of different shapes and sizes to provide a sense of enclosure; place pots on risers to make plants look taller and create height variation. Whichever type of garden space you want to create start with a corner. Making strong corners will make the space feel more like a room then you can connect the corners together to complete the space.

Add architectural interest with variety in your potted collections.

Mix it up with a variety of sculptural plants with strong shapes to draw attention. Planting different plants in different pots enables you to treat each individually, giving them exactly what they need, including the right soil and fertiliser.  It also enables you to play around with shapes, colours and textures.

Pots are a movable form of garden design so use them to your advantage.

If you don’t like the way the ceramic plant pots look together, simply move one out and add another one in until you get a design/formation you like.

Use containers to slow down the pace of your garden

Get visitors to slow down by grouping pots together forming tight passageways so that people have to walk slower when moving around the garden spaces you’ve created.

Entice your senses with fragrant plants

Place fragrant plants near walkways to make a stroll through your garden sensory enhancing. Geranium, rosemary, lavender and other herbs work great.

Choose a combination of plants

Combine containers and pots with annuals and perennials in complementary colours.  Enhance colourful pots with contrasting or matching seasonal flowers and foliage.

Use empty pots to create a focal point

Collect pots with nice sculptural form or beautiful colours and use empty as an art object to create a focal point or to anchor a seating area.

The Orchards collection of Royal Kew Botanical Gardens planters and ceramic plant pots are a great way to start your collection. A broad range of beautiful heritage colours and practical shapes and sizes are available to suit all areas of you garden. Here are just some of the items currently collection available from The Orchard:

Ceramic Plant Pots

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Grande Pot Ivory

Ceramic Plant Pots

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Ceramic Plant Pots

 Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Jug

Ceramic Plant Pots & Other Garden Products At The Orchard

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