Sophie Conran At The Orchard

Just in time for Mothers Day saw the introduction of a brand new collection of garden tools to The Orchard from respected British garden tool manufacturers Burgon & Ball. Designed by Sophie Conran the new collection is for the lady who loves to garden whilst keeping one eye firmly on looking good whilst doing so!

About The Designer – Sophie Conran

Sophie Conran is not only a fantastic designer but is a working mum with two children.  She loves cooking and home life and interiors and has made it her work. Sophie takes her inspiration to do what she does from a childhood watching her rather, a designer and her mother cooking and baking in the kitchen, bringing together the blend of food and design you see in her work today.

Sophie believes in creating a family environment filled with warmth, simplicity and love. Her motto is: ‘One life, live it well’

Her latest products, known as “The Garden & Great Outdoors Collection” have been designed exclusively by Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball. Working in partnership with Burgon & Ball, Sophie has created a stunning collection of ergonomically advanced tools, gifts for gardeners and home accessories, specifically designed with the female hand in mind, along with unique pieces for those who love their home inside and out.

Here at The Orchard we’re so pleased to be able to offer just some of these fabulous pieces, to see the full range click here.

Watering Cans

These very stylish watering cans aim to deliver just the right amount of water to precisely the right place in the plant pot by balancing design and the feel of the can in your hand.

The thing we love about these watering cans is that even though they are very functional they are also so stylish they can be left out on show on a window sill or in the potting shed.

Gifts For Gardeners

To see the full range of watering cans available at The Orchard click here

Garden Tools

These tools are the perfect gifts for gardeners, not only functional but designed in an ergonomic way to make each job in the garden a pleasure, especially once you see the fruits of your labour with bursts of colour throughout the seasons. Specifically designed for smaller more feminine hands and presented in a beautiful gift box these tools offer the perfect gift for any occasion.

And as said by Sophie herself “The better the tools, the easier the job.”

Gifts For Gardeners

To see the full range of tools at The Orchard visit our web page.

Gubbins Pots

Save time and stress when gardening by making sure all those essentials have a place, as opposed to just being thrown into the back of a dark drawer. Not only do they look great but it stops everything getting tangled in garden twine helping to keep your potting shed as organised as your home.

Gifts For Gardeners

To see the full range of colours click here.

In addition to the Sophie Conran Burgon & Ball collection The Orchard offers a host of garden accessories which make great gifts for gardeners. From bird feeders and bird baths through to beautiful, decorative Kew planters and pots and a host of rustic garden accessories and decorations.

Great Gifts For Gardeners At The Orchard

Take a walk through The Orchard’s Outdoor Living collection to check out everything we have to offer for you and your garden this Spring.

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