Marsala Wins Pantone Colour Of The Year 2015

And the winner is….Marsala! Picked as the 2015 Colour of the Year by Pantone Marsala opens a world of possibilities when it comes to interiors.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2015 – Marsala

Impactful and full-bodied this statement colour can be used as a strong accent colour, feature colour, or to enhance an entire room.  A versatile colour, Marsala makes a natural fit for any room in the house.  I t can be a great accent when used for tabletops, small appliances and linens throughout the shabby chic home. Interior characteristics can also be enhanced when Marsala is applied to textured surfaces, making it ideal for rugs and upholstered furniture.

How Marsala Can Work in Your Home

Rich and sophisticated with a natural earthiness Marsala can bring warmth to home interiors while adding a sheen to kitchen cupboard doors can convey glamour and luxury.

Not just versatile for its placement Marsala can also be complimented by a range of different colours and tones whether matte or gloss finish, mix with neutrals including warmer taupes and greys.

With its burnished undertones Marsala is also compatible with rich colours such as golden yellows, greens, turquoise, amber and blues toning them down and creating a great blend of colours.

 shabby chicshabby chic

shabby chic shabby chic

In order to achieve the right balance it is important to keep shapes and furniture in the space streamlined when using Marsala on an entire room. If you’re brave enough to go all out and do a room totally in this colour go for polished brass finished pieces to complete the luxurious look.

shabby chic

Combine with different colours to achieve different levels of ambience for instance, pair with white or grey to create a modern look or opt for a monochromatic palette to achieve a soothing balance of tone and texture. Give purpose to a room desperate for direction by incorporating Marsala as an accent colour via a sofa or armchair.

shabby chic shabby chic


On the other side of things Marsala can become the undertone colour with colours such as cool blue and turquoise being used to cut through the richness of Marsala, balancing it with icy sophistication.

shabby chic

Marsala can give warmth and punch throughout the home, why not try painting doors in Marsala. For a moody and sensuous atmosphere pair with black or dark green, this effect can also be created by mixing dark wood tones, however you should avoid using too much with these pairings.

shabby chic shabby chic

Painting Walls with Marsala

Painting walls in heritage style colours is becoming ever more popular and Marsala could well be the ideal colour for this, not too feminine and alongside greys can bring a real masculine finish.

Using Marsala as an accent through cushions that can also bring a bland neutral room to life. Break up entire walls of Marsala with black and white art which will also make the images really stand out.

shabby chic shabby chic

shabby chic

Due to its darker tone the Marsala pantone is often best used as an accent colour with its rich characteristics are enhanced when applied to textured surfaces making it an ideal choice for cushions and rugs or upholstered furniture.

North facing rooms are best suited to dark colours, naturally dark rooms that work well with the lack of light to create a sophisticated yet cosy atmosphere, this rule also applies to smaller rooms, making Marsala a perfect fit. Marsala also makes a fantastic accent colour in a bathroom especially when used to paint a freestanding bath.

shabby chic

Overall Marsala with its impactful and full-bodied qualities makes an ideal and elegant statement colour, whether used on its own or as an accent. For more  colour of the year inspiration and further shabby chic items see our Pinterest board:

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