Beautiful Vintage Industrial Lighting From The Orchard

Vintage Industrial Lighting

It’s all about industrial right now and in particular filament bulbs!

Filament bulbs are a fantastic way to animate a space pulling away from the boring everyday fixture and creating an interesting feature with warmth and character.  Lighting can make or break an interior and should act as the glue that draws all the finer details together.

Filament bulbs offer a source of light that is raw and perfect for industrial style spaces.  Their warm glow brings a vintage mood recalling the early days of electricity and the spark of Thomas Edison’s original product.  Part of the stripped down utility look, this type of lighting is often regarded as bold and masculine and as far away from fancy lampshades and pearlised bulbs as you can get.

This look often seen in burger joints and boutiques is now rife when it comes to domestic interiors, everybody wants in and thankfully for us vintage industrial lovers manufacturers are obliging. Many top interior designers are now making lighting less of a mood piece but the piece that becomes centre stage, the main attraction, a centre piece enhanced by high quality flexes and fittings.

Craftsmanship comes to the fore in this setting, as well as functionality with little design to hide behind, given that the industrial style is based on the minimalism of the bulb and the exposure of its functioning parts.

Vintage Industrial

The biggest downside to this type of bulb is that they are not considered very ‘green’ however there are becoming more and more options on the market that are more green and Eco friendly.

Away from filament bulbs the vintage industrial look can also be achieved by choosing lights with metal surrounds such as these:

image2 image3

Vintage Industrial Vintage Industrial

The very trendy Kilner jar lights can also be a great way to add that industrial finish to your minimalist decor: and

Vintage Industrial

Vintage Industrial

Getting the vintage industrial look is not just about the bulbs, it’s also about the space being true to its components; from the construction such as exposed brickwork and metal works and selecting the right furniture. Despite the ideal space being something like an old mill or loft conversion this look can also work in a number of different settings and can be easily mixed and combined with other styles.

Vintage Industrial Vintage Industrial

The vintage industrial look focuses on combing raw and rough surfaces with clean, flat surfaces and can be as warm or sparse as you wish but naturally combines with minimalism so objects and furniture should not be overdone, think raw and rustic woods, perhaps zinc or metal work tops.

Vintage Industrial

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