How To Give Your Home A Rustic Furniture Makeover

With Winter not set to handover to Spring anytime soon do you find yourself occasionally dreaming of curling up under blankets and throws on and old sofa sat in front of a roaring fire? Do your drab windows, plain walls and old carpet have you longing for a warmer, cosier, richer, room that gives the look and feel of rustic country living in your modern contemporary home? If so we’ve got twelve great tips on how to bring a rustic feel to your home without carrying out an expensive and time consuming makeover. By adding the simplest and smallest touches you can bring a truly rustic feel to your home and the great news is these can be bought without breaking the bank. You can even dabble with a little DIY if so inclined.

The easiest route to getting a rustic look and feel is of course to invest in some rustic furniture. The Orchard has no end of chunky wood furniture pieces and distressed, natural wood and reclaimed wood furniture. But upgrading your furniture is not something to be done on a whim, particularly when you can achieve a rustic decor theme by just adding the right accessories and wall art (we have an abundance of these things as well by the way!) Regardless of your budget or skills (to a degree!) there are plenty of tricks to give your windows a treat, upgrade your flooring and add coverings to your walls and furniture to transform your home into a cosy rustic retreat, no matter the style of house you live in.

Here are our Top 12 Tips to give your home a rustic makeover:

  1. Treat Your Windows

Treating your windows with a new fabric can change the complete look of a room. For a rustic style opt for plain cotton or canvas with tabbed tops or choose a rustic ranch style fabric to complete the look.  If curtains aren’t your thing choose plain wood blinds for a simple rustic feel.

Rustic Furnitureimage2

  1. Get decorative

Decorative accessories are key to bringing your rustic style together. Concentrate on choosing wall art, pillows and knick knacks in colours and patterns that match or compliment the window treatment and wall colours you have chosen. It’s amazing the impact a few simple changes can make!

  1. Add a little art

Make your dream landscape a reality with a photography print or why not try a DIY canvas to ensure it’s exactly as you pictured it.


  1. Put up some rough edge shelves

If you’re a whizz at DIY when it comes to shelves and shelving have a go yourself! Use wood with rough, natural edges to instantly add a little rustic charm to your room. If you don’t fancy drilling holes in your walls with hanging shelves get creative and install a free standing option, in a more modern house this will make the room feel more cosy and warm.  If you’ve gone for a more simple modern colour scheme try painting the shelving to blend to the walls and create the feeling of greater space.

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  1. Stack firewood

You don’t have to have an open fire or even a fireplace, a few strategically placed stacks of logs or a large basket of kindling can add a real cosy rustic feel and act as an interior accessory element when displayed in the right way.

 image8 image9

  1. Add rustic accessories

Bring the outside in with bits and bobs you find on woodland walks, or purchase some rustic accessories such as chunky wood bowls and misshapen pottery. Mix these with some warm lighting, be it candles or dim lit lanterns to complete the atmosphere you’ve created.


  1. Experiment with tie backs

Replace modern, simple style tie backs with simpler, natural and rustic style adding tie backs like these faux Deer antlers. (There are many reproduction antlers on the market so please do not go hunting Deer!) Old rope works great as well.

 Rustic Furniture

  1. Rustic benches

A rustic bench is the perfect addition to any entrance hall, living room, kitchen or even at the end of a bed. The best of it is you don’t have to spend a fortune, why not have a go yourself at making a bench from reclaimed planks or old pallets for a low cost solution.  Add warmth by placing throws or a textured basket or even some books on your bench to complete the look.

 image12 image13 image14 image15

  1. Hunt for reclaimed Ladders, stools and baskets

Trawling eBay is a great way to find old decorators steps and ladders which make perfect towel rails. A stool, a baskets or an old bucket make for great under sink details.  Baskets are also a great way to add earthy textures for a rough and rustic finish. They also make perfect trugs for toilet rolls and hand towels or for storing things in entrance halls and in living rooms as magazine holders.

 image16 image17 image18 image19 image20 image21

  1. Chunky throws

You can’t beat a chunky throw in any home and it is the perfect finishing touch to those Winter nights on your rustic furniture. Fair enough it’s not wood, nor does it have a rough edge but having a few good-looking and thick woven blankets will bring a lovely texture to your space and make it feel truly cosy. Take a look at this lovely Lambswool number from The Orchard.

image22 image23

  1. Go for natural look furniture

The great thing about rustic is the less you do the better, especially when it comes to rustic furniture.  Choose farmhouse style tables leaving the tops bare to show all their age and character to create the perfect dining table. The same applies when it comes to smaller pieces of furniture such as coffee tables and sideboards. Opt for keeping a natural wood finish leaving all the rough edges to shine. On the other hand if it’s a coffee table you love that looks a little too modern distress it yourself for a rustic finish, or paint and distress it with a chalk style paint.

 image24 Rustic Furniture

  1. Add a rustic centerpiece

A minor detail but one that could really set off a table and give it true rustic style while adding a little charm.

image26 image27

Rustic Furniture From The Orchard

Visit The Orchard today to see our collection of shabby chic and rustic furniture and accessories! And yet more inspiration over on our Pinterest boards:

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