Beautiful Shabby Chic Photo Frames From The Orchard

In the digital age we’re living in we are taking more and more photos, whether they be family related or we fancy ourselves as an amateur reportage photographer taking stunning shots of the people and places we see, the downside is that these photos often end on laptops and never actually see the light of day. We think this should change as there are so many great ways to display your favourite shots especially with a collection of not necessarily matching shabby chic photo frames.

Photo montage walls are becoming a fantastic way to add art to your walls while celebrating the pictures you love and treasure, it may be honeymoon photos, pictures of your children or a selection of macro style photos that have captured beautiful detail in the things you see around you.

It sounds pretty simple but it can be tricky to figure out exactly where to start and how to balance the use of different size frames and frame styles.

Here are 9 great examples to get you started and to make you think outside the frame a little rather than just putting two or three of the same size frames in a line down a hallway.

Once you have your basic layout you can add and change the frames as you wish to accommodate your pictures, you may also decide to use the groupings to tell a story from left to right or from the middle out.

 Shabby Chic Photo Frames

Here’s a few extra tips to help get you started…

  • Position the centre point of your display at eye level to draw the viewer in.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit with a mix of frame style and sizes, shabby chic photo frames work especially well as they don’t have to match to look good. However equally you could go for similar frames displaying all colour or all black and white photos
  • Introduce a focal point by maybe making the most central or far sided frame the largest.
  • Change it up, you don’t have to just display photos, why not mix between frames and signs or other unique decor such as large initials representing family members.
  • To help with the nerves of sticking lots of holes in the wall lay out all your pictures on the floor first so you can move things around until you are happy with your arrangement and it is exactly the way you want it.

Then there’s nothing more you can do but to hang them up one by one and complete your masterpiece.

For some real life inspiration see our Pinterest board here:

To wet your appetite here’s a few real-life shabby chic photo frame gallery walls for inspiration.

 Shabby Chic Photo Frames

Here the mirror makes the focal point of this gallery wall with the benefit being two-fold; here giving a new perspective to the room and making it feel more spacious.  It’s centered against the sofa with the surrounding photos being varied in size and content.

Shabby Chic Photo Frames

With all the frames matching and being placed close together this enables the wall to be read as one big picture, this layout is also great for telling a story may it be a timeline of your children growing up, a family holiday, or a specific subject

Shabby Chic Photo Frames

A casual way to display photos alongside other decorative items creates a sophisticated photo display. It’s also a fantastic way to avoid multiple holes in the wall by simply putting up a shelf to display the pictures giving flexibility to update and change the pictures and style whenever you like without having lots of nail holes to fill.

Shabby Chic Photo Frames

Shabby Chic Photo Frames

Display simple frames in a simple arrangement to allow beautiful coloured photos to shine through.

Don’t feel you have to hang photos, frames can be beautifully displayed on a dresser or other piece of furniture. To create more of a display layer with other items such as books, candles, or a nice vase.

For more alternative layouts take a look at these from Melissa Davis Designs

 Shabby Chic Photo Frames

Shabby Chic Photo Frames

To start your own gallery wall why not take a look at our collection of shabby chic photo frames here at The Orchard, you’ll soon have your masterpiece finished in no time!

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