Wood Flooring – Top 7 Questions Answered

When it comes to wooden flooring there are so many questions, whether it be down to how the pieces are engineered, how to choose the right floor for the right room, whether it fits with your shabby chic furniture, if it can be painted, dark or pale?; all things to take into consideration while ultimately meeting your desired finish to fit with the style and colours of your home.

Wood Flooring With Shabby Chic Furniture – Top 7 Questions Answered

Here we answer some of the top questions asked specifically when it comes to choosing and maintaining wood flooring.

1. What are the differences between engineered and solid wood flooring?

The key difference is that an engineered wood floor provides better dimensional stability than solid wood. This is due to the make up of engineered flooring with its many layers along with the advantage of click joints making it easier to install, eliminating the need for glue.

Engineered wood floors can also be used over under floor heating so these are a great refurbishment prospect.  Whichever you choose these types of wood flooring are a great long-term investment as they can both be sanded and refinished, and look great alongside shabby chic furniture.

Engineered Solid Wood

2. Which wood lookalike would be sufficiently water resistant for use in a bathroom?

The best lookalike wood flooring for a bathroom would be glazed porcelain as they are virtually non-porous which means that the planks are moisture resistant and won’t warp, no matter how steamy your bathroom gets.  They don’t require sealing and only need a regular brush or wipe to keep them looking their best.  

3. Which wood flooring is best suited to a busy family thorough fair such as a hallway?

Oak is a perfect choice as it improves with wear and age and will therefore perform beautifully in a busy space. Choose a light, natural tone wood that will brighten up this more narrow space while longer planks will help to create the illusion of depth.

4. How can I ensure my wood flooring doesn’t scratch easily?

The key here is quality combined with a durable pre-finish which will make a huge difference. Choosing a lacquered surface will reduce the amount of maintenance whereas oiled floors will require re-oiling regularly which will aid to build up the protection over time.  Adding pads to furniture feet and ensuring you have good doormats to prevent stones and grit coming into the house will also help.

5. Should I choose a dark or pale wood finish for my home?

Dark wooden floors are great for dramatic effect and will work with both neutrals and colours when considering your decorating colour scheme. A very dark brown floor looks luxurious as a backdrop, whereas a grey-brown shade with a textured surface will give a more aged, vintage feel.

At the other end of the spectrum pale coloured floors give a softer and more neutral look and work great in both contemporary and classic settings.

Dark wood flooring Natural wood flooring

6. Can you paint pine floors?

Today’s floor paints are designed for any wooden floor, including pine. Ensure floors are clean and dry before getting started by patch priming knots and undercoating thoroughly. Add a second undercoat after four hours to ensure a long-lasting finish.   Leave your prepped floor to dry for 24 hours before applying two coats of floor paint. Following another 24 hours you may use the area lightly, waiting a good 14 days before resuming heavier use.

7. What should you consider with a parquet floor?

Pattern is a very important factor when choosing parquet flooring as it has a big impact on the look of the floor and it’s effect on the room. Herringbone is the most popular design, but double herringbone, basket weave and brick layouts also look stunning. More intricate patterns are possible but the cost to install will no doubt increase the more complicated the pattern.

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