Shabby Chic Storage Solutions For The Home By The Orchard

At the very heart of shabby chic style is the concept of pretty yet practical. But this design style is so much more than just that, it also embraces the old, the reclaimed, in many ways it was the originator of up-cycling. Taking something tired and old and make it beautiful and useful again.

For many a shabby chic styled home can mean a cluttered home however we believe it needn’t be this way and who’s to say you can’t have shabby chic storage pieces?  In fact, here at The Orchard we would argue that the genre offers a whole host of storage solutions in clever, beautiful and most importantly practical ways.

Shabby Chic Storage Materials Used By The Orchard

Whether you want to call it recycling, up-cycling, being environmentally friendly or just plain old common sense, we love to source products that perhaps began life in a different way.  Here are just a few examples of our unique shabby chic storages pieces made from differing materials;-

•    Reclaimed Wood Apple Crates – Old pieces of timber are collected, cleaned up and stained before being assembled into traditional apple crates.  Sometimes called bushel boxes, the number of uses for these crates is countless.  Stack them, mount them, group together or just one sat on its own.  They are so versatile.

•    Industrial Vintage Cloakroom Bench – This piece is a shabby chic storage classic.  Reclaimed, aged steel is formed into a cloakroom unit just like the one from your school days.  Throw in some reclaimed Mango wood and you have a vintage statement piece for your home, so very practical and so very stylish.

•    Mariner Trunk Coffee Table – Another signature shabby chic storage piece.  This piece really embraces the pretty and practical concept.  Wood reclaimed from old fishing boats is formed into this stunning storage trunk which doubles up as a coffee table!

•    Paisley Park Jumbo Bag For Life – Just one of a number of designs we stock here at The Orchard, our Jumbo Shoppers are made from recycled plastic bottles.  Again the number of storage uses here are countless, bed linens, bath towels, kid’s toys, the shopping, take on a picnic, store away winter clothes.  It’s such a big, strong bag it does the lot!

Whether you are storing books and magazines, towels or linens, plates or glassware we have a shabby chic storage solution for you.  From new Oak to reclaimed wood, aged metal to crackle glaze ceramics we try to offer something for everyone.  So take a stroll through The Orchard’s collection of storage solutions, you are sure to find something you need and love.

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