Beautiful Garden Ideas

We want our gardens to be in full bloom in time for summer. No matter the size of your outdoor space, your garden can be a beautiful sanctuary of colours, scents and textures. Your garden is a great way to embrace nature with flowers, shrubs and greenery and bring your own unique style, outside!

How Can You Create A Beautiful Outside Space With Garden Pots?

Not all of us are naturally green fingered but we all want to enjoy our time relaxing in our gardens. Garden Pots are a fantastic simple way to bring some rustic charm into your garden and are also a practical solution to gardening.

There are many ways you can use garden pots, including:

  • Steps – placing a pot on each step, even if you only have one or two, is a simple yet very effective way to make more of your steps. Use a dramatic flower such as Strelitzia (bird of paradise) to really catch the eye.
  • Collection or cluster – a cluster of pots in all shapes and sizes is a wonderful way to add an unusual feature in your garden. As your flowers or plants grow your feature will change-which is the true beauty of garden style.
  • Water feature – usually, when we think water feature, we think of a fountain or stream running through our garden. This season is a perfect time to think outside the box and use your pots, pitchers and watering cans to make a unique water feature. Try stacking your pots on different levels and let water overflow into each pot.
  • Larger pots –you can create standalone flowerbeds, containing a fern or grasses which moves with the strength of the wind. Trees can even be planted in large garden pots, as long as they are re-potted and their roots trimmed every year.
  • Vintage charm –Use antique iron and industrial materials for hanging baskets to bring a beautiful contrasting texture. The soft floral shades and movements of your flowers will look stunning against vintage objects. Try Fuchsias, which will hang beautifully.

Love Your Garden At The Orchard Home And Gifts

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Our range includes:

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So, whether you have acres of land or a sweet little outdoor space, you will find something to turn your garden into an oasis.

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