5 Ways To Use A Mirror

Mirrors can be a great way to brighten up any room, and are also a really clever way to introduce shabby chic style to your home.

A mirror can be used in all sorts of ways to make spaces look bigger and also can be used as practical piece of art. Finding shabby chic mirrors is easy, and a great way to change the look of your home.

Five Ways To Use Mirrors For A Shabby Chic Look

Here are five ways to use mirrors in your home.

  1. The garden –Create a vintage and traditional feature in your garden by including a mirror. Hang against a contrasting fence or place in amongst a flower display to add some mystical, shabby chic charm. If your garden is mostly paved, a mirror can really enhance your garden by reflecting the colours and textures of your outdoor space.
  2. On a narrow wall –A narrow wall or space can benefit beautifully from a mirror. Although it may not create the illusion of more space it will make a unique abstract feature. The right mirror can compliment a narrow space; try using a simple design or a delicate frame with an antique look.
  3. Above a fireplace – A fireplace can be stunning part of a feature wall. Hanging a shabby chic mirror above a fireplace will echo any vintage artwork in the space. The lights and shadows that flicker from a fire will reflect in the mirror create a warm and cosy space for everyone to enjoy.
  4. On the stairs –Stairways often become overlooked, but think about how much time you spend on them. A mirror will brighten and open up your staircase as well as highlight any quirky features such as a vintage banister or rustic flooring.
  5. In the bedroom –Bring some beautiful style to an antique dresser by placing a mirror on top. Choose a frame with an interesting design to add some luxury and glamour to your beauty routine. Tall standing mirrors are practical but can still be very stylish; try a retro style frame or an unusual colour to make your standing mirror something special.

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