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Spring is on the way so now is the perfect time to think about planning your spring garden. You may have noticed the odd Daffodil popping up here and there which means Spring is most definitely under way so it won’t be long until your garden or outdoor area is full of vibrant colours and fresh floral scents.

If you are new or are an avid gardener there has never been a better time to get stuck in on a new garden project and Garden pots are a fantastic way to get your garden project going! Visit The Orchard Home and Gifts to find our wonderful collection of pots, wall hangers, pitchers, bowels, buckets, towers and large planters.

5 Great Things About Garden Pots

Whether you are looking to pot some rose bushes or develop a herb garden, garden pots can really help you make the most of your gardening:

  1. Space garden pots are great in large gardens but are fantastic for those of us who have very small gardens or no grass area. They do not take up much room and you can usually cluster several into a small space meaning you can have a vast range of flora no matter the size of your garden.
  2. No need for garden – If you only have a patio, balcony, small ledge or window box to as your outside space then pots, wall hangers, boxes, trough and trugs are perfect for you! There are many products designed for those of us without garden space meaning we can all have beautiful blooming outside spaces!
  3. Withstand British weather – The UK weather is unpredictable at the best of times but this is not an issue for garden pots. Once secure they are hard wearing and very durable against harsh frosts, winds and rain (they are also a good way to protect your plants from water logged earth because they can easily be re-potted with fresh soil/compost).
  4. Style – We all have our own preferences and tastes in flowers and greenery. Some of us like sweet little pansies while others prefer simple elegant tulips. A garden pot is another way you can express your own personal style because you can find beautiful unique designs that will also complement your flowers when they are in full bloom.
  5. Great Gifts – If you have a green fingered friend or relative then a gift for the garden is a great way for them to embrace their favourite hobby! Garden gifts are long lasting too so your special friend, partner or family member can enjoy them for many seasons to come.

Top Picks From The Orchard home And Gifts

Here at The Orchard we are proud of our charming garden pot collection. We have something for all your gardening needs from rustic wall hangers to traditional country iron buckets.  Our collection of garden pots is a lovely combination of durable, weather resistant pieces that still bring a touch of vintage charm to your outdoor area or window sill.

Our top picks include:

  1. Kew botanical garden collection – Find wonderful terracotta pots and saucers, jugs, pitchers, bowels, and troughs all available in different sizes beautiful shades of aubergine, duck egg blues, whites and ivories.
  2. Large Planters – For large spaces we have many large pots and planters for example try our large Zinc Ribbed Planters which are perfect for larger shrubs and greenery. They are protected with zinc-plated steel so they can with stand all kinds of weather.
  3. Towers – For smaller spaces we have our Fleur De Lys Tower and our Regent Tower which are ideal for climbing plants such as Wisteria or Clematis. No matter the size of your space the sky really is the limit!

Why Choose The Orchard Home And Gifts For Your Garden Pots?

Here at The Orchard we are passionate about all things vintage and our gardens are no exception to this. Come to us to find wonderful practical solutions to your gardening that still have retro charm and timeless appeal.

Whether you are looking for delightful terracotta pots, reclaimed wood boxes and trugs or ceramic bowls with quirky patterns and designs we have it all!

Visit our website now or call: 0845 643 0363 or Email: if you need any more information.

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