Shabby Chic Lighting Ideas

Lighting is now just as important to a room as its furniture or colour scheme. Shabby Chic Lighting is essential to any home as it adds personality while creating an elegant warm atmosphere.

Here at The Orchard Home and Gifts we have a beautiful range of shabby chic lighting that contains stunning eclectic pieces with unique style that will compliment any home.


Unlike typical conventional furniture, shabby chic furniture tells a story; the blend of unique design with heartfelt craft gives timeless appeal that ordinary furniture does not provide.

The joy of shabby chic lighting is the pieces can vary greatly, from larger standing electric lamps to sweet hanging baskets lit by candles. These quaint pieces hold a subtle beauty making the lighting the statement piece of the room.


When choosing a lighting piece for your home it is important to consider what you have already achieved in that room. Asks questions such as:

  •  What is the colour scheme?
  •  Do I want a modern or vintage look?
  •  How is the room used?

These questions will help you to seek the appropriate piece for your home. The joy of vintage, inspired pieces is they can compliment any room with their understated charm which often adds a little personality and quirkiness with it. This means you can be more creative when choosing your lighting and finding the right light for you.

The Orchard Home and Gifts have an online collection for you to explore. The range of our gorgeous lighting pieces means you will be able to grace any room in your home with a bespoke lighting piece:

  • Enhance a study with an eye catching standing lamp such as our Beech and Brass Tripod Lamp.
  • Illuminate a reading area with a charming table lamp (view our collection to see a variety of colours and design)
  • Add a glow to a bedroom with a collection of candle holders – try our collection of glass jar candle handle with unique rope handle feature.

Our range can even compliment your garden; we hold a collection of hanging fixtures and lanterns that each have unique detail, for example, our Rustic Mini Hanging Heart is an affordable choice which will add prettiness to any garden or outside space, or, for something more romantic consider our Rustic Tea Light Chandelier perfect for any evening spent at home.


At The Orchard Home and Gifts we share your passion for bespoke vintage inspired furniture fulfilling this with beautifully designed pieces adding originality to your home. When it comes to delivering these pieces we offer high quality products and service made affordable to you.

We also take pleasure in offering you the opportunity to have your chosen piece made to measure to suit your home perfectly.

For more information on our shabby chic lighting products or on any of our home accessories and gifts please contact us today:

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