Decorating Ideas For A Shabby Chic Kitchen

When decorating your kitchen there may seem to be an endless supply of themes, products and design which can be confusing; a shabby chic kitchen is a chance for you to focus on your own tastes and preferences. Shabby Chic is a blend of vintage designs that delivers a charm and elegance to your home. A kitchen with vintage decor is unique and is a perfect way to express your personality.

At The Orchard we can give you a vast selection of decorating ideas for you to create the perfect vintage kitchen.

How Do You Create The Perfect Shabby Chic Kitchen?

Successful design often comes down to the detail and how it is presented. When you are decorating your kitchen you must consider everything from the large scale to the very small.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve this:

  • Keep it sophisticated. Always remember that shabby does not actually mean tatty or untidy. Shabby Chic items tend to just go against the grain by using an unusual design or colour scheme.
  • Go for handmade. Unique design is at the top of the list to achieve the shabby chic finish so choose something that looks authentic rather than massed produced. Think about texture and colour as it all adds to the completed look.
  • Think outside the box. The joy of designing a shabby chic kitchen is you can adhere to your individual style. Decorate your room with unique features such as our Wooden Trough Platter – this can be used as a quirky change to an old fruit bowl for example.
  • Practical doesn’t have to be boring. You use your kitchen every day so focus on what you use in your kitchen. Simple tools and accessories can still be stylish without affecting their performance. For example our Ceramic Owl Pitcher is functional and will also sit fabulously on any dresser.
  • Go made to measure. Bespoke furnishings mean you can have your items custom made to fit your kitchen perfectly with no room for messy edges or unpleasant gaps.

Achieve Your Perfect Kitchen With Us:

We provide many products that will help you decorate your kitchen. At The Orchard we cover all the bases to outfitting your shabby chic kitchen from large wall units to petite ornaments:

Our larger decor includes our Old English Painted Kitchen Wall Unit which is handmade and can hold and showcase many ornaments, jars and scales etc.

  •  We have many decorative items such as our Ornate Antique Style Chalkboard – perfect for jotting down quick reminders whilst looking stunning with a distressed paint finish.
  •  We don’t forget the smaller details either at The Orchard; our Enamel Measuring Jug is both cute and rustic (and will look lovely on your wall unit).
  •  We have many practical items to suit your culinary needs such as our Retro Kitchen Scales that will no doubt get you in the mood to bake.

Take advantage of our made to measure service and let us know any requirements you have. We can customise your furnishings to your taste, just give us the details!

There is an information form on our site (under our made to measure link), or, if you prefer, do not hesitate to email us at or call: 0845 643 0363.

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