What is Bespoke Furniture?

Here at The Orchard Home and Gifts we offer wonderful collection of Bespoke furniture. Bespoke furnishings appeal to those of us who have grown tired and uninspired of contemporary conventional fittings and are looking for original pieces with unique personality and design.

We have a passion for furnishings being delivered with a touch of vintage class. Come browse our collection of retro style gifts and accessories, as well as larger pieces for your home which can all be tailored to your specifications.

What do we mean by Bespoke Furniture?

Bespoke Furniture is having your furnishings made to measure for your home. It is an opportunity to add luxury to your home and achieve the exact look you want that is tailored perfectly to fit your home.

With bespoke you are in the hands of the best specialists who are masters of their craft, but, you are in charge. You will be able to have your say on any requirements you may have whether it may be certain dimensions of a wall unit or a particular colour of a dining table.

Choosing made to measure furniture basically takes away the stressful and time consuming task of self assembly saving you time and effort by allowing professionals to build your furnishings without compromising on the quality or design of the product.

What do we offer at The Orchard?

We have built a fantastic reputation based on our passion and dedication to providing you with excellent service as well as beautiful furniture to suit any home. We understand how important it is to be able to express your personality through your home and it is our priority to satisfy your requirements.

We offer a made to measure service on our products that are always of excellent quality, locally sourced in the UK and finished to an immaculate standard.

Our website displays our Bespoke furniture collections, which features:

  •  Vintage Pine. Our 10 Drawer Weave Chest is a fantastic storage solution that offers rustic charm with hand treated pinewood and beautifully woven baskets.
  •  Old English Painted. Keep it Best of British with our Heart Hall Storage Bench; a unique blend of sweet retro design combined with a fantastic space saving seat that can store away anything from mucky wellies to papers, letters and takeaway menus. The bench is available in a variety of colours and will brighten up any entrance wanting a dash of personality.
  •  French Brocante. It is sometimes difficult to combine a vintage feel when our homes are full of so much modern gadgets and technology. Our Brocante Four Drawer TV Unit is the perfect way to display your television while keeping it traditional. There is also plenty of room to store your digital boxes and entertainment devices.
  •  All made to measure. Remember all these pieces can all be tailored to your needs meaning you can choose the colour, size etc – you are the designer!

Visit our website today to see our full collection and complete our information form.

We are also having a SALE which features many of your home accessories and gifts! It is the perfect chance to get some beautiful products at great value and high quality!

Visit today or contact us by phone: 0845 643 0363, or email: sales@theorchardhomeandgifts.com

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