Defining Element of Rustic Furniture

Rustic Furniture is a popular choice for those of us who are tired of clinical, plastic conventional furniture and are looking for pieces with a bit more soul. Although rustic suggests an old product many contemporary designers and buyers are favouring the natural approach. Rustic design steps away from cluttered city design bringing a relaxing country feel into the home.

Here at The Orchard we offer a variety of gorgeous rustic furniture that can be made to measure to meet your specifications.

What Are The Defining Elements Of Rustic Furniture?

How to be sure you are getting at a genuine rustic piece of furniture:

  •  Seek natural materials. Rustic is a more organic approach to furniture design and will be made from natural materials such as wood, metals or stone. Here at The Orchard we use items made in England from strong Canadian pinewood.
  •  Think strong. Rustic pieces create a statement through their size and sturdiness – it will not look as though it will break if you touch it as rustic furniture is heavy and durable. Although rustic furnishings can be large (bed frames, wardrobes etc) they also make charming smaller pieces such as coffee tables or bed stands etc.
  •  Uncomplicated design. Rustic furniture tends to avoid loud and complicated design and delivers a simpler message. The pieces are often large but have a relaxing feel this is because they tend to be fuss free; they are all about the nature and the elements used to create them.
  •  Bring the outdoors, indoors. As nature is the key with rustic furnishings there is usually a feel of the great outdoors with every piece. It creates a warm sanctuary feel inside the home.

Rustic Furniture here at The Orchard:

We have a beautiful collection of rustic furnishings that can be made to measure for your convenience. Our pieces range from rustic benches to coffee tables to wardrobes with a number of individual, simple design features and effects.

Products include:

  •  Our Rustic Dining Table made from Quebec Yellow Pine with charming leg detail.
  •  Our Rustic Pew Bench built from Canadian Pine with a natural, raw finish.
  •  Our Rustic Two Drawer Bed-stand with vintage ring handle.

View even more fantastic Rustic Furniture at our website and in our warehouse furniture show room. If you have specific requirements for a product then do not delay and fill in an information form found on our website under the made to measure section.

You can get in touch today for further information or to tell us your specifications:

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