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If you’re looking for a hotel with edge then Hotel Daniel has to be on the list. I was lucky enough to be whisked away for a birthday surprise to the beautiful, elegant and stunning Vienna! We stayed just out of the centre of the city in a very up and coming area known as The Belevdere; due to it’s stunning palace of the same name.

The Belevedere palace is almost in the grounds of the Hotel Daniel with those fortunate enough getting a panoramic view overlooking the gorgeous architecture from their bedroom.

The style of the hotel ranges from Scandinavian minimalist chic, to industrial with a hint of french country, a great combintion that gives it a real edge.

I always know when a style is done well as I want to immediately put similar in my own home. I loved the way duffle bags were used as storage and the main lights were set above the bed. There was also a huge exposed light bulb above the sink area, as though it had been left hanging there from the purpose the room held before.

There are great quirky elements to the whole of the hotel with corsets used as flowerpots, lamp shades made from parcel tape surrounding vintage style frames, and showers that leave nothing to the imagination! These quirks don’t just appear inside the hotel but also on the outside with bees producing local honey on the rooftop of the hotel and a boat taking a nose dive, which from the outside really catches the attention of any passer by.

Hotel Daniel also offers a unique trailer known as the ‘Slipstream’ parked within the hotel garden. The Slipstream is a podlike caravan pimped to the max with freestanding bath, double bed and living space, it has to be seen to be believed.

The Bakery stocks an array of delicious cakes and desserts made locally by a lady in her home kitchen and deliverd daily, with passion fruit cheese cake served in a kilner jar being a highlight. It also provides an amazing selection of freshly cooked dishes including a 40oz steak known as ‘The Tomahawk’; which of course we indulged in, after all if would have been rude not to give it a go (we finished the lot with no trouble at all!).

So put Hotel Daniel on your list if not to stay at least to visit and take in some of the great styling it beholds.

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