Valentines Day – Big Hype or a Tradition You Just Can’t Resist?

Long gone are the days of small romantic gestures with Valentine’s Day now being more of an opportunity to shower our loved ones in gifts and pay out large amounts of money on expensive meals and city breaks; that without this day we would probably never go to such great lengths to profess our love for one another!

So is it just a load of hype or is it actually quite nice to have a day where we take the time to give something back to the person that stands by our side 365 days a year, or the person that didn’t know we cared until now?

The origin of this day is still very much debated with noone really knowing exactly how we came to commemorate it with the giving of gifts and words of love written in notes.
Here at The Orchard we’re not afraid to get a little loved up and think it’s nice to take time to express ourselves to those we love and this year we have a fabulous collection that reflects tradition but with a modern twist. So why not send one of our 21st century style love notes beautifully framed to show just how much you love that special someone, or bring a little love into your home with our fantastic pick of small gestures.

Alternatively if you fancy having a go yourself, we love these fun DIY Valentines gifts, take a look for yourself…

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