Get The Look – ‘Scandi Chic’

Shabby Chic is a well known, widely used term these days. A wide net which can be cast over themes such as ‘rustic‘, ‘vintage’, ‘retro’, Shabby Chic has become hugely popular, with us here at The Orchard and across the world. Meanwhile, the simple charm and style of Scandinavian style has long been admired by many (and not just that well known flat-pack megastore).

So it seems logical that when the two collide, they produce ‘Scandi Chic’! Combining the rustic of Shabby with the nordic of Scandi to make something very, very Chic.

The look is characterised by the clean, straight wooden lines and white or neutral tones of Scandinavia, coupled with the rustic-inspired furniture and vintage-esque interior accessories which have become Shabby Chic hallmarks. Simplicity is key to achieving the image.

Traditionally Scandinavian flourishes, such as wicker, glass and natural soft furnishings, can be incorporated. Wicker especially is extremely versatile, both in how it is used as well as where in the home.

We have always placed ourselves within the Shabby Chic bracket, and no less so do we see elements of Scandi Chic in many of the products we sell.¬†We even have a cast iron decorative Stag’s Head!

Most of these items are tasters of much larger collections and ranges. We are constantly updating our products, and our website, so head over to the website and have a nosy through our Scandi Chic offerings.

Also, all of the images from this blog entry, and all of the others, are available on our Pinterest profile. Feel free to browse our boards!

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