Let there be Light!

Lighting is perhaps the most important factor to consider when thinking about the appearance of a space. Architects design and position entire buildings to capture as much natural light as possible. For studio photo shoots, photographers meticulously study and arrange their specialised lights and lamps, making sure shadows are cast perfectly. It is, of course, light itself which makes it possible for us to see anything at all, so it seems only logical that lamps and lights should be every bit as pretty and aesthetically pleasing as everything they illuminate.

We have a number of lamps (including some newbies, exciting) which we love. Lamps shouldn’t just light up all your other lovelies – they should be lovely too! We are also especially pleased to announce that one of our favourite EVER products, which has proved extremely popular with customers, is back in stock! Our Blue Wash Table Lamp is a striking, pretty shabby chic fixture, and we are absolutely delighted to have some more.

‘…A gorgeous light blue wash colouring on the wooden stand combined with light ageing and distressing effects…’

Before this lamp, we didn’t really ‘do’ lighting. But the success and popularity of the Blue Wash Table Lamp (coupled with our appreciation of how nice it is) convinced us to get some more. So, we had a look around, and luckily for us the table lamp is having something of a resurgence in popularity, meaning we were able to find some really nice, rustic looking lamps. We love them all!

With the evenings (and afternoons, sadly) showing signs of darkening earlier day by day, now’s the perfect time to light up your home with one of these beautiful new lamps.

The Orchard


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