Ways to accessorise your home

There are many ways in which you can add that personal touch to your home.  Personalising your home with art and home accessories not only adds character to your place, but can also make it feel more homely and lived-in – far more enticing to visitors than a cold, stark interior.

There are some basic guidelines for how best to turn your house into a home, and one rule which we swear by is that when you are painting you should repeat a color at least three times in a room.  By this we mean using a palette of similar shades – for example using a taupe on the walls and then maybe two slightly different shades such as caramel and hessian on home accessories such as cushions and linens.

To achieve a really good proportion in your room, you should aim to cover two thirds of the space above your furniture with wall hangings such as artwork, prints, or even a feature wallpaper or photographs.

Try to vary the height of items on shelving and windowsills to add interest, but try to work symetrcially to keep the balance too.  Have a play and see what works best for you.

Place mirrors in key areas so they reflect something of interest.  For example, position them opposite a favourite painting or area of a room – or directly opposite a doorway or another mirror to create an illusion of space.

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