Dispatching your furniture

This week, as ever, we had a number of orders for our French Brocante¬†furniture due for dispatch, so we booked them in with our furniture delivery service, and set about the task of readying them for their journey’s to their new homes. We thought it might be interesting to document some of the steps we take to best ensure our furniture arrives in perfect condition. So, we took a few snaps along the way!

Before we start the process of securely packaging the furniture, each piece is QC’d (quality checked), by both the manufacturer and The Orchard.

First up, two Brocante Medium Serving Tables, wrapped in this rather fetching, well fitted corrugated card.

But, cautious as we are here at The Orchard, we then fit our trusty ‘foam edges’, which provide an extra level of protection – as well as looking really good.

Don’t they look nice and ready for their travels!

Next up, the rather lovely solid Pine Brocante Trunk Coffee Table, which is packed in a double walled outer box.

So, once again, out came the trusty blue foam edges, which we put on the inside as well as the outside of the box, just to be safe.

The next two pieces were of the smaller variety – how pretty are these!

These two beauties are Brocante Aries Two Drawers, in the ‘Olive’ colourway. Again, packed with a protective cover for the table top (which is a shame really because it would’ve been good to photograph for you!). Nevertheless, more blue edges were measured, cut down and applied to both inside and out of the boxes, and two more pieces were ready to go.

And with that, five pieces of furniture were ready to go for today’s dispatch. There was, however, another box which isn’t due to go out as soon, and after all this activity I couldn’t resist opening it up and getting a sneaky picture or two…


And this fancy little item is a Brocante Lamp Table – One Drawer, in ‘China Red’. Just fabulous!

So that is how we prep our furniture before it leaves us here at The Orchard. If you like the look of any of these pieces, have a look at our entire French Brocante collection.

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