Glamping Vs Boutique Hotel…I Know Which Camp I’m Not In!

Don’t you just love it when you stumble across a hideaway hotel with an amazing shabby chic vibe?

After spending a weekend in the Summer ‘Glamping’ with the girls (there was nothing glam about it), it was time for me to organise a short break and chose to do a mini tour of three hotels where I’d heard the shabby chic vibe as alive and well!

No more dodgy tents, sleeping bag mats which have no value whatsoever, and not a camping stove in sight.  Instead we were greeted with gorgeous vintage bedspreads, afternoon tea served on flowery china plates, and fabrics galore assaulted our senses in the nicest possible way.

All of the hotels we visited were famed for their shabby chic decor – almost to the point that you forget you were staying in a hotel, and instead were in a friend’s very tastefully decorated and spatial country home.  It made all of the girls fall head-over-heels in love with the beautiful interior style – all thoughts of our dodgy weekend under canvas a distant memory.

We were tempted to stuff half the bedroom accessories into our weekend bags, cursing the fact that we should have bought suitcases with us!  But then the sensible one among us (not guilty) suggested that we should let future guests have the same experience as we’d had.  Sadly putting the shabby chic candle holders back on the ornate dresser, I had to agree.  Besides, it was the dresser I really wanted and I was never going to get away with that one.  So, we did the next best thing and used up virtually all possible phone memory taking pictures of everything that we wanted to recreate in our own homes.  I now have a mobile brimming with ideas…and that dresser is first on my list!

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