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We have had a lot of Christmas products delivered recently, which has made us think of the ‘Christmas rush’, and put us all into a blind panic. However, in an attempt to minimize stress in the run up to the festive season, we have appointed a new warehouse supervisor. Introducing Tasha!

As you can see, she was very eager to get in this morning – as we all are every day, of course…

Tasha was given a quick show around the warehouse, so she could get to grips (hard with paws) with all the packing materials.

Tasha wanted to see the Christmas products...

…but didn’t like the taste of any of them!

Tasha soon decided that even she was going to need to call in assistance. So, a few barks, growls and yelps later, Tasha had assembled a mighty workforce!

The pressures of management soon began to show though.

But, before too long the doorbell rang. Tasha barked, a LOT, and the delivery driver jumped, a LOT. Because Tasha’s work team had been so very helpful, all the picking and packing was done early (with minimal “chew damage”), Tasha volunteered to take in the delivery.


All in all, a very successful first day for Tasha! We thought maybe she’d even enjoyed herself enough to come back tomorrow…

…maybe not!






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