Home Decor

Home decor is what defines your home and makes a statement about the occupants of a particular house.  Have you ever noticed how a house without children can be very different to a home filled with lots of kids?  And how people use their homes to reflect the identity of everyone who lives there – even the pets!

Without a stamp put onto a property, a house is just a house.  To look at it another way, an empty house is a structure and not yet a home.  To creating a well-loved home is made much easier with the right choices in furniture and home accessories.

Some homeowners will base their furniture and home accessories around the architectural style of the house or flat.  If it happens to be an old Victorian house, antiques are a really good match.  If the home is an ultra-modern high-rise apartment, modern or retro-modern might be the perfect choice for that building.

Home decor is not just based on furniture alone.  It is a real combination of the furniture and accessories such as wall hangings, house plants, artwork, photos, fabrics, and so much more.  When you begin with an empty room, you should first choose any larger pieces of furniture.  Next up will be items such as coffee tables, lamps, curtains, etc.  After that, you can sort of the lighting, hang mirrors, paintings or photographs on the walls.  Adding a few plants and personal possessions such as ornaments means that the room will start to take on an identity, and reflect who you are as a homeowner.

Some people choose to accent the walls of their home with colors of paint, while others like to use wallpaper, or a combination of the two with a feature wall.  Whichever you opt for, don’t underestimate the importance of some well chosen home accessories to really tell people who you are.

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