Canadian Pine – A Good Wood



There’s nothing more important when it comes to furniture than build quality. Some of what we sell might be ‘shabby chic’, but we go to every effort to make sure nothing is shabbily made!



The best way to be sure a product is made as well as possible is to start off with good quality materials, especially when it comes to wooden furniture. The contrast between high quality and sub standard wood is a clear one, and nothing ‘flat-pack’ will ever come with the same sense of character as something well made from good, solid wood.



Canadian Pine is a wood which is instantly recognisable as, quite simply, good. A heavy, stable and solid softwood, Canadian Pine is often known as ‘Canadian Yellow Pine’, due to its natural yellow-ish hue. One of our favourite elements to the wood is how, over time, the colour and tone can subtly shift and change (sometimes looking almost pink), meaning each piece is unique to the next.



Here at The Orchard we are great advocates of the quality of Canadian Pine, and we have a number of pieces of furniture made from the wood. Each item bears the hallmarks of Canadian Pine; heavy, solidly made, visibly appealing and of sturdy build.



Every item of Canadian Pine wood we sell is part of our ‘Rustic‘ collection. Handmade furniture, all of the pieces are customisable in size, colour and finish. Canadian Pine is versatile enough to be varnished, painted, or left ‘au naturel’, whilst still retaining its formidable feel of quality. Have a look, find something you like, and give us a call to discuss how you’d like your own Canadian Pine furniture to be created!










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