Spotlight on Cakes




Everybody loves cakes, best illustrated by the overwhelming success of BBC2’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’. Now in its third series, the BAFTA-award winning cake-fest has quickly become a fixture of many people’s Tuesday evening viewing (treacle tart is on tonight’s bill).




We are by no means any more able to resist such sugary sweet television, and are as hooked as anyone. For anyone unfamiliar with the show (how!?), twelve amateur bakers battle it out through a number of different challenges, with weekly eliminations courtesy of judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. The programme takes the format of a nationwide tour, stopping off at ‘baking landmarks’, such as Bakewell, to give an insight into the fabulously British tradition of home baking.




We love the show, not least because they seem to share our affinity for cake stands, pretty crockery and tableware! We’ve spotted a number of items we sell adorning the set, so maybe they are fans of us too…




Anything that encourages people to make more cakes is a good thing in our eyes, and we have everything you need to transform your house into that of a true British baking champion!



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