How to create Rustic Luxe in your home

…reclaimed wood, antique accents, and romantic textures all with a cool, clean modern feel…



That’s more or less how we’d sum up Rustic Luxe (sometimes known as Rough Luxe across the pond). It’s a look which, when created properly, can transport you to a Scandinavian ski-lodge. Here’s an example of how a room can display Rustic Luxe…








Rustic Luxe is a style achievable without necessarily changing an entire room. Simple positioning of a few items can communicate the same level of classic style in a specific area.



These kind of looks, whilst being stylish and modern with a ‘rough around the edges’ element, can also be quite whimsical in their effect. Some of the pieces which can be used to achieve the Rustic Luxe feel have a ‘Narnia-esque’ quality – great, solid wooden beams; elegant, delicate looking furniture; classically framed mirrors; grand photo frames, all with strong overtones of natural elegance.



A key factor of Rustic Luxe is the marriage of practicality and this different, but extremely relevant style.



The Orchard stock a large number of items which can be used to great effect in a Rustic Luxe environment. Some of our most popular items are part of our ‘reclaimed and natural woods’ collection, a range of products with a huge variety of different bits and bobs. Whether it’s practical storage solutions, elegant lighting solutions or homely natural wooden furniture, we’ve plenty of items to help you create your own Rustic Luxe haven.



Here are just a few of the Rustic Luxe items we stock.




And, a few more – why not!



Hopefully you’ve gotten a taste of what Rustic Luxe is all about, if you’re anything like us you’ll already be a fan! Head over to our website and have a look around.





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