Transforming your Home with French Chic!

French Furniture is experiencing something of a renaissance as the boutique trend steps up a notch both in hotels and in our own homes too.

French furniture can be seen in many boutique hotels up and down the country, and homeowners too are now realising that investing in some French furniture is one way to have a little bit of boutique glamour in their own precious homes.

Boutique hotels which embrace French furniture tend to be found in places which feed off a vintage aesthetic.  And – as most of us can’t afford to take ourselves off to boutique hotels in stunning locations every weekend! – we are turning to a little piece of that romantic French feel in our own homes instead.

French furniture is now accessible and affordable online at stores such as The Orchard.  You can conveniently browse online through the French collections of furniture and accessories to find piece which will help create your own unique, French-inspired style.

The Orchard really is a sanctuary for all of you who are tired of characterless, contemporary furniture.  If you are looking for something a little bit different, you can find a huge collection of luxury home ware and unique gifts at The Orchard.

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