The Orchard’s Bespoke Furniture Service

At The Orchard, we are always thrilled when we find furniture that we like, and even more so when our customers find something that they love and we are able to supply it for them. Providing a piece of furniture which is going to improve somebody’s home and make them happy, in turn, makes us very happy!


On the flipside, there’s not many more annoying things than thinking you’ve found the ideal item, only to find that it doesn’t fit – physically, or aesthetically. Thankfully, there is a solution, and here at The Orchard we can provide it! We have a number of wonderful furniture ranges, the items in which are customisable in both size and colour.





Since we started selling our Brocante pieces approximately 5 months ago, it has proved extremely popular. One of the main factors which excited us and convinced us that it would be a worthwhile addition to The Orchard is the production process of each piece. Each individual item is hand made from scratch, to the customer’s specifications, making every Brocante piece of furniture unique and personal. Not only can we accommodate changes in dimensions, all of the Brocante range can be painted in a variety of different colours.


Here are a few pieces, in three different colourways, as well as all eleven colour options.




We love the Brocante range, all of the pieces are incredibly well made, and when customised to suit its new owner and home, they just look great. The Brocante range can be seen in full here Brocante Furniture Range




Vintage Pine


Coming from the same supplier as our Brocante items, our Vintage Pine range is a new addition to The Orchard. The pieces are produced with the same care and detail; made to measure, all hand made items. However, unlike Brocante, these items are not painted. The wood is aged and treated, but left with its natural appearance. This means any naturally occurring visual ‘defects’ are left intact – knots, watermarks, warping.









The fact that the pieces aren’t painted takes nothing away from the customisation factor; a perfectly made-to-measure item sitting snug in a new home, made from a wholly natural and healthy looking wood, can bring its own sense of quality,¬†craftsmanship and validity. We are confident that this new range will prove just as popular as its big brother Brocante. You can view the entire (and ever growing) Vintage Pine range here






‘Rustic’ is a hit-word here at The Orchard. Lots of people like wooden furniture which is easily identifiable as being of high quality. Big, solid pieces of well crafted furniture really stand out when done right. We believe the pieces in our Rustic range do just that, and we’re extremely proud of them, and they’ve always been extremely well-received. Wrapping them up for safe transit is a job in itself! Like the Brocante and Vintage Pine pieces, everything is modifiable to suit demand. Just give us a ring on¬†0845 643 0363, or email us at, and we will aid you through the customisation process, and make sure you get exactly what you’re after.









Check out the entire Rustic range here





Old English Painted



Last but not least in this journey through customisable furniture, we come to our Old English Painted range. Made to measure, hand crafted, and finished in England, the items in this range are the very definition of customisable. As well as being able to change the size of items and offering a range of colours, with this range we can go even further. All of the Old English Painted range can be colour-matched to any item of furniture already owned by the customer. Items can be hand-distressed if required, allowing for potential ‘colour-combo’ pieces where an item’s outer layer of paint is distressed to expose a second colour beneath.









You can see the whole Old English Painted range on our website here.


Now there really is no excuse for not getting the perfect furniture!



Have a look around the website, there’s plenty more! The Orchard

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