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The first week in this new, post-Olympic Games world, has seen the weather appear to brighten ever so slightly above us here at The Orchard. The renewed optimism, inspiration and simple good cheer of the Olympics has seemingly also transmitted to our suppliers, who have been delivering products as reliably and as quickly as Team GB delivered medals and success.


Our Shabby Chic suppliers have been anything but Shabby!


The Orchard warehouse has been a hive of activity, trolleys stacked high with incoming products negotiating for floorspace with wheeled cages, full of picked, wrapped, packed and dispatched orders ready to be delivered to eagerly awaiting customers. Maybe we should set out dedicated lanes for special delivery items…?


Aside from trying to compare everything with the Olympics, we have been busy with numerous new products arriving, along with some old favourites. This new Blog feature, ‘Picks of The Week‘, will focus on items, old and new, which we love so much that we feel they are worthy of extra attention! Everything featured below is available from the Fresh Picks category on our website.



‘…beautifully crafted prints…’


It’s always a good sign when an entire range of items gets us excited, and that’s exactly how we feel about our new fancy Typographic Art pieces. Handmade, solid oak prints, each piece is stylishly decorated with vintage style wording. Whether it’s a meaningful phrase, a message of love, or a selection of famous lines from classic movies – there’s bound to be one you can relate to!



Here are a couple of our favourites!
































These prints are all handmade, and each variation has only been made 250 times. The natural elements of wood are all present and notable, with knots, warping and watermarks ensuring each item is unique. Purposely left intact, these ‘defects’ actually lend a feeling of originality, and a hint of quirkyness.


Every room can benefit from wall art, and these beautifully crafted prints certainly bring with them plenty of character and class.


These two examples are just a small taste of the entire range; we have many more, with many different messages – there’s a print for everyone!



‘…match versatility with style and class…’



This delightful vase is another item which we have been really looking forward to getting out to customers, who we think will be just as quick to fall in love with it as us.


Looking like a faultlessly smooth, miniature watering can, this glazed porcelain vase is real eye catcher. Unique in design, it is petite enough to look at home in any room, and with a vibrant, lively shock of colourful flowers inside, it really can transform any space. Great for adding a splash of colour and charm.


As well as the Watering Can, we have recently taken in a vase shaped like – a Wellington Boot Vase! Bigger (and with the potential for even more flowers!) than it’s brother, the ‘Boot’ is another wonderfully quirky item, perfect for any gift occasion. Both vases look equally at home in a number of uses; tabletop flower arrangements, kitchen windowsills, studio desks, living room mantelpieces – these vases match versatility with style and class.


Here at The Orchard, we are a stone’s throw from a park, so the office is in danger of being brightened up by one or two (or more) of these lovely vases – they really are that special.





‘…a real bohemian feel…’


We love birds at The Orchard. We stock endless variations of bird houses, bird baths, memo boards shaped like bird cages, bird feeders, weathervanes with bird figures on…lot of birds. Our new Antiqued Birdcages are another addition to our collection, and we just love them.


The wildflower gardens at the London Olympics were one of the most impressive sights of the Games, with bursts of colour, beautifully arranged and cared for, really bringing a sense of life to an environment one might not necessarily associate with floral beauty. Any product able to help display flowers in a new and interesting way is always good, and these birdcages certainly do that.


These decorative cages have a real bohemian feel to them, and look great when containing flowers, potted plants, or even candles. Coming in medium and large sizes, the birdcages are equally versatile in how they can be displayed, their rustic appearance looks equally suitable hanging from a ceiling, or when sat on its sturdy base atop a table inside or out. Coupled with a fully equipped Wellington Boot Vase, a few of these birdcages full of various plants and flowers can bring a bit of outdoors, indoors.






Remember, these items are just a tiny portion of our Fresh Picks, where there are loads more new products just waiting to be snapped up!


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