The Guide to Garden Furniture no-no’s!

Our Great British love of our gardens has been tested to the limit by months of our Great British downpours!  We hope that a little bit of sunshine is on its way and that we will get a chance to have a long-overdue barbecue, but be warned that your choice of garden furniture could reflect on you as a person…

Outdoor entertaining has apparently become the latest battleground for keeping up with the Joneses, according to a brand new guide that sounds a cautionary note for those who favour ‘outdoor living’ ranges over more down-to-earth ‘patio furniture’.  The Middle Class Handbook warns that your choice of garden furniture could make you a social outcast!  Topping its ‘tacky scale’ are white plastic armchairs – are we not over that stage yet?  Surely our beloved friends and family (not to mention ourselves) deserve a little more than a luminous wipe-clean flimsy-made bit of plastic!  According to the guide, adding on some tie-on cushions just makes the whole thing worse!

The guide suggests that if you want to appear sophisticated and trendy, showing ‘you have taste with a capital T’ s a must.  We couldn’t agree more and adore a more rustic furniture look, with a white ornate cast-iron table getting the guide’s seal of approval.   They describe them as “Doily-like, they conjure up cream teas and scented herb gardens, chilled wine and English roses.”  Sounds good to us!

To take it a step further, take a look at our whole range of rustic furniture online, and see if you can find something that the guide approves of!

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