Paint your way to a beautiful home

Everyone is buying into the painted furniture trend as sales of painted pieces soar, and people are getting handy with a paintbrush!  Painted furniture is a really affordable way of transforming your home as it can add a fresh and colourful feel to your home and garden.

We love our homes, but it’s all too easy to get trapped in an outdated style.  Painted furniture will allow you to refresh older pieces of furniture that you can;t bear to throw away, or buying new painted piece will give your home a lift in both colour and style.

Buying painted furniture is a cost-effective way of updating your home.  As the economy struggles to emerge from the credit crunch, this style of furnishing is making a real come back.  As our culture becomes more aware of the ethics around recycling and more appreciative of the inherent quality in old, well designed furnishings, the painted furniture look continues to rise.

Looking for ready-made painted furniture?  Welcome to The Orchard, the vintage inspired home ware and gift online boutique!

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