Looking for Garden Gifts…how about our Shabby Chic Watering Can?

When it comes to buying gifts over the Summer months (yes, we know it hasn’t stopped raining yet!) it can be difficult finding just the right thing.  This is why gardening gifts are just perfect and – once the rain finally stops – will be useful as well as pretty.

Gardening in all weathers means that you need to find gardening gifts that are not only practical and stylish, but durable too.  Our gardening gloves are both beautiful and practical and are made from high quality durable soft leather.  It’s a perfect gift for the keen gardener in your life, and is also ideal for anyone who is thinking about taking up gardening as a hobby.

Those of you who are looking to inject a bit of shabby chic into someone’s garden won’t go wrong with our gorgeous enamel watering can which just oozes a bit of old fashioned charm.

One other thing that all gardener’s will find useful is our cotton canvas kneeing pad – it’s just one of the perfect gardening gifts that gardening fans will love, making a massive difference to their enjoyment and comfort in the garden; gardening may be messy, but it can still be stylish with our fabulous range of gardening gifts.

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