The French Garden

If you adore shabby chic furniture or reproduction French furniture, you can apply it to your outside space too!

In these summer months (when it’s not raining, that is!), your garden becomes an extension of your home; an extra space that is used for relaxing and entertaining.  And, just like any other space in your home, it can be decorated and designed to suit your style.  If you own some beautiful reproduction French furniture or have nurtured a bohemian shabby chic style indoors, you certainly shouldn’t be settling for plastic chairs and tacky plant pots outdoors.

Invest in some durable, beautiful garden accessories and furniture to match the style of the rest of your home.  Outdoor shabby chic or French furniture is one way of embracing your garden space.  In fact, your garden is more than just space – with the right accessories and furniture, it can be turned into a little oasis.

Add a touch of Euro glamour to your garden and make sure you check out the French furniture collection now.

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