If it’s good enough for the President…

It has emerged that during the G8 summit, eight of the world’s most powerful leaders spent the night surrounded by rustic furniture in the woods!

This VIP sleepover happened as the G8 leaders bedded down in rustic cabins in rural Maryland, where Obama’s presidential retreat, Camp David, hosted the largest international summit in its 70-year history.

Obama welcomed his peers from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and Canada to the verdant compound amid perfect weather conditions.  They dined together around a table in a rustic furniture design, within a lodge, and shared a chocolate birthday cake for the Japanese prime minister.  It is reported that they stayed up late into the night talking, and several leaders later went for strolls around the immaculately maintained grounds.

The following morning, Obama took British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Camp David gym, where they chatted together on side-by-side treadmills.  Several others took the chance to sit together on outdoor patios.

The G8 summit was originally set to be held in Chicago, but the White House moved it to the isolated retreat North of Washington to achieve a more casual atmosphere.  If this has whet your appetite for a bit of rustic living of your own, head over the The Orchard and be inspired!

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