Experiment with Home Accessories

Home accessories can make all of the difference to the look and feel of your personal space.

Whether you’re adding a photo frame on the fireplace or placing some candles or a candlelabra on the dining table, key home accessories will help to make your home unique, and bursting personality.

Begin with accentuating key areas of your home – clocks and other wall-hangings will draw interest to a blank wall.  Tea lights dotted around a bookcase are a good idea, or maybe even a dress mannequin in the corner of the bedroom.

Don’t be in a rush to do it all at once either, take your time and think about how the home accessories will work in the space that you have available.  You might love those antique wooden crates, but they will annoy you if you keep bashing into them because space is tight!

Use your imagination and experiment with different looks – there really is no right or wrong.  It’s about trying something new, getting stuck in, and rediscovering the pleasure of your home all over again.  Some home accessories also have more than one use – a fabric cloth can be turned into a wall hanging, decorate a table or be used as a throw for sofas – the only limit is your imagination!

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