Painted Furniture: Make your own or buy online

Are you looking for a new style for your home that’s in-keeping with your budget but still gorgeous?  Then look no further than painted furniture.

Your house could soon be brimming with painted furniture pieces found on a budget – from restored boot sale finds to recycled units and pre-loved pieces.

And, to give a nod to the jubilee of last week, even Prince Charles has recently revealed he’s a member of the ‘make do and mend’ generation and that he’s had his old bathroom curtains turned into cushions.  You don’t get much higher than the royal seal of approval!

It is this principle of recycling and re-using furniture that we are passionate about, and giving an old chest of drawers or bedside table a fresh lick of paint is just one way of doing this.

Your home should be an expression of your taste and style – a home that is warm and welcoming.  You shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting with techniques, colours, and fabrics.  There’s nothing like the satisfaction of buying a cheap boot sale piece and turning it into something wonderful with just a pot of paint.

A homely and bespoke look will rely on all of those homemade touches.  So, if you are looking to inject some personality into your home, there’s no better way than with a piece of painted furniture.

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